Friday, January 24, 2014

It's A Snow Kind of Day!

Yessir (or Ma'am)! Deep South of Louisiana has snow today. Schools are closed. Government agencies are shut down. I guess we don't get mail either.

I know my friends up north who deals with snow regularly think schools closed? Government shut down? Yep! See! In these parts of our great USA, we are not used to snow. 

The "experts" here say it makes for hazardous driving ( People can't drive in clear weather), afraid of power outages etc. 

I personally think it is crazy to close down Government agencies. C'mon. They just had MLK off. 

Here a few pictures taken from the inside of my backdoor. 

My steps. So glad I didn't have to go down them today.
My poor little car all alone in the snow. The little circle next to it without snow was where Hubby's car had been .

My driveway from back door. Sorry couldn't get a better shot. I'm  lucky to get these in the COLD.

To all of you who deals with snow every year. I do NOT envy you. When everything is covered with snow looking all serene, is fine but otherwise, ya'll can keep it. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Are Handicapped Ramps Curvy?

As I mentioned in my last post, Hubby and I are wanting to build at least a garage. We are also weighing in a porch/deck as well. We also need a driveway. We had no idea how much everything will cost. So we're going one step at a time. 

I was just wasting time surfing and looking at garages, decks, porches etc.

As I surfed through the many pictures I came upon some pictures of handicapped ramps. They were curvy. I have seen many varieties before but this one was like a maze.

We are not planning on building a handicapped ramp. I already had one with my ex.  It was more of a pain to walk up and down the ramp than steps. Ex was planning for the possible future I may need a wheelchair. (Another story I don't even wanna get into.) I do not use a wheelchair. So there is no need in my situation. 

Also, I have this unfounded phobia that some criminal will see the handicapped ramp and think I am vulnerable and try to break in or something. I did say UNFOUNDED.

I had thought about my question before but it was like a fleeing thought. I didn't put much thought into it. The one I had was a straight one sort of like this one below except the slant was higher.

The ones that got me thinking was like this one. You can find this on

I wondered why a handicapped ramp would be like this. How can a wheelchair turn that sharply? Maybe some of you can answer that question. How do you maneuver a wheelchair through the maze?

I pondered and it just didn't make sense.

So I asked the guy who I mistakenly sent the "OOPS Letter" mentioned in my last post on Facebook.

He immediately responded. I love his prompt responses. You don't get those much nowadays from businesses.

Anyway, he responded, 

"It hast to be one foot in length for every inch in height! Most ramps are too long to go just one direction! In the picture above if it went straight it would have stopped in the middle of the road."

So there you have it, that's why handicapped ramps are curvy. 

We learn something new every day! Or I did anyway!

Monday, January 20, 2014

An OOPS Forwarded Email

Hubby and I have been searching for contractors to build a garage.When it finally warmed up and stopped raining, we went to a business in the middle of the afternoon. They seemed to be closed. Their chain fence was locked and no one was there.

I returned home and wrote an email asking what their hours were and told them we had visited his business but no one was around.

Surprisingly, I received a response within hours from the owner apologizing. He had been on a job site and gave us the hours and his phone number. He also offered to come by and give a free estimate.

I decided Hubby will be doing the calling so I forwarded the email and of course the crazy silly person I am, I made some comments meant for hubby only and signed it Sweet Pea, the nickname he has for me. 

Hubby got it and the business owner as well. Before I forwarded it, I somehow left the businessman's email on there As yahoo was taking its time to send I realized the error..but it was too late. 


I immediately sent the businessman an "OOPS", disregard and apology email.

He probably laughed his butt off. He didn't respond.

It was not graphic, thank God. But still embarrassing somewhat. 

So next time you send your loved one a text or email make sure it is only to them.

Have you done something like this before and wanna share? It would be funny.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

People are So Ignorant, I Swear

I get an email to join which is….

I don't know what you would call it. People ask questions on any topic and others answer.

I was surfing through the questions and one hit me. I don't know if I am reading it wrong or taking it the wrong way but the question was 

"This is the handwriting of MiniNini (her name is Nina). We can all agree that she's either fucking retarded or has Cerebral Palsy. I haven't laughed at handwriting this much before."

Here is the picture:

My first thought was are you kidding me. 

I wanted to blast this person. BTW, they hid under the user name Anonymous.

The responses  of others were even more ridiculous and made no sense.

At least we know the writer was talking about science.

I had to refrain myself from writing a long response but then reconsidered. People like that really does not get it and I'd be wasting my time.

Instead I answered: 

I don't know who Nina is but what if she does have Cerebral Palsy or mental retarded? It is not funny and you are cruel. It shows how immature you and all the commenters are. And yes, I do have cerebral palsy. Lets just hope and pray no one you love acquires cerebral palsy by an accident.

I read or hear ignorance just about every day and learned to just let it all roll off my back. But there are those, like this, gets to me. I will think about it for the next few days to weeks and get angry all over again and wished I could just meet them face to face and have a long discussion about their ignorance and lack of compassion.  

Surprisingly, no one else responded to that question or my comment.

What have you read or seen that makes you angry and takes you a while to let it go? Am I overreacting?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Household Entertainment

This is what Hubby and I do on Saturdays. Stay in jammies and play PS3 and Wii games. LOL!

I almost did not post the pic.Why you wonder?

 I normally don't like taking pictures, especially waist down. I don't know exactly why. I know part of it is I don't like the way I stand. This picture doesn't show it too much. 

My hair is a mess, 

And as you see I am in my pj's. 

My Handsome Lovable Hubby is in the background watching me. He just smiles. I ask what is he thinking and he says "Nothing" but hmmm….

He is probably thinking, my silly wife. LOL!

I had trouble getting PS3 motion controller to calibrate all week.  Hubby was finally able to.

After some archery, tennis and bowling I am tired. It is amazing how these games can wear you out.

Being on my feet even for a short time is a challenge as well. When I am having fun, I ignore it as much as I can and take little pit stops and sit for a minute or two then I continue on until I can't really go on.

So this is how we entertain ourselves and each other.

Sometimes I enjoy just watching him play some of his games. 

That's one thing we differ, the genre of games we like and play. He likes cars, sword fighting, boxing. I like shooting like Doom, trivia, arcade like games. However, both of us enjoy one car game and the Sports games.

So for those who didn't believe I wasn't feeling better, here's evidence that I am!

What does your family do for entertainment?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

On A Mission: Helping a Friend Find Love

I will be starting a mission soon. I know it is an out of ordinary mission. Some of you will say, "WHHHAATT?" Please say prayers that it will be accomplished.

I have talked about one of my best friends, Jeff. He is divorced and has been alone for a while now. His kids are grown and on their own. He served in the military and was injured. He is on disability. He has multiple problems such as diabetes, chronic pain, asthma, extreme shyness and  panic attacks in crowds. He walks with a cane. He lives in Illinois and the girl will have to move there if it becomes serious.

We both were single at the same time and I finally found that special someone. I want the same for him so desperately.

He's had one woman who moved in with him . But it did not work out. It seems he tries to find someone online but the results are mostly scam artists and overseas. He had an online 'relationship' for a long time with one woman who was from overseas but she disappeared.

So my mission is to find someone for him. I will be the one trying to sort out the psychos before they waste his time or breaks his heart.

He approves this so I am not doing it behind his back. Actually, I offered for years with him declining. I totally respected his wishes. However, he has finally said yes!!

Here's my tentative plan. It will certainly be trial and error.

I will make a different email just for this. He will have access to it.

Then I will make a profile to post on some dating websites. I am still thinking of how I am going to do it. I am researching.

I am asking you my friends and bloggers, if you know of a woman who is looking for love and you think she will like my friend and eventually love him and spend the rest of their life with him please tell them about this mission.

Also if you have any suggestions I am opened to them. Wish me good luck!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Yes, my topic is spitting. 

I hate when people spit. I think every single time I see someone spit, someone is going to walk on that spit. 


My daughter used to have that habit. She claimed it was phlegm. I told her to spit in a Kleenex. She would spit out the car window. I kept telling her one day it would fly back and hit her in the face.

Lo and behold, it happened. It was hilarious. She toned down the spitting, out the window anyway. 

I think she took after her father who would spit a lot. I would fuss all the time.

Did I say it was gross. Well it is!

It seems a lot of sport players spit. It's like a habit. Every time I see them spit, "EWWW" comes out of my mouth.

It makes me shiver.

For in case you don't know. The New Orleans Saints played the Philadelphia Eagles in a play off game. The saying was our Saints couldn't play in the cold and outside as we have a dome. We did win, it was touch and go but we did. That's all that counts.

You know every sports team has fans. Most of us are decent and take the loses as well as the wins graciously.

There are also some who are just down right crude and nasty. 

I am sure you can find any fan from any team doing something stupid or disrespectful. 

But here is  a video to show such nastiness from the Brotherly Love City!

Real sportsmanship eh?

I wonder sometimes when I see someone spit, if that phlegm or spit has some kind of germ that can be contagious. 

I am thankful my child is old enough. But imagine your small child who is curious bends down and sees something. It is spit. He or she puts their hands on it? They want to put it in their mouth?

Yea, I know. It is outrageously gross.

If you need to spit, go spit in the toilet in a bathroom or bring a handkerchief or Kleenex to spit in.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Crazy Dream

Yea most of my dreams are crazy and weird.

This one was my mom and dad didn't have a bathroom and I needed to pee! I asked her where did they go and she said she waited for night and went out side to do her business. 

I was so confused in the dream. They acted like it was normal. 

It would start over again, and again and again.

My brain is so weird.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Life The Past Two Days

I hope everyone had a nice safe New Year's Eve and day.

New Year's Eve we were in bed by 10:30. There were fireworks that sounded and felt like cannonballs. It was irritating as they popped them from 7 pm through 1 AM. Midnight was like we were attacked by bombs and grenades. Thankfully, I was sleeping and it woke me. However, after I figured it was fireworks I turned over and went back to dreamland.

New Year's Day we made it to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's home. We had the traditional black eye peas, rice, coleslaw and pork chops. It was delicious. We watched the Rose Bowl Game.

AND the LSU TIGERS won the ROSE BOWL Game! That was exciting although nerve wrecking. It seems our Louisiana teams want their fans to be nervous wrecks. But it is still fun!

My doctor's NURSE PRACTITIONER called me to let me know my gall bladder ultrasound was normal. I continue to be nauseous now and then. I've been aching like a big mac truck hit me. I just feel like crappola. She told me I had to wait a month to see if the Prilosec is going to work.  If I am not better, I need to call for a follow-up appointment. I don't know with who. Haven't seen the doctor except for the few minutes before he did my endoscopy. I am not keen to seeing the Nurse Practitioner  again because she has been no benefit to me.

Anyway, today I had lunch with my BABYGIRL. It was cold and windy but it is going to get worse. Dipping into the 20-30s the next week. I know all of you people up north think it is nothing but it is COLD here. 

I hate the cold. I wish winter was over!!

I told Babygirl we better have lunch before I go into the hibernation mode.  She offered and I allowed her to pay since she received many gift cards at one of our favorite places, Subway! We had a nice lunch and chat.

I was hardly able to eat much of my sandwich. The bout of nausea washed over me as I made my way home. I had to prevent myself from vomiting. Sorry if this is gross to some of you. It's my life. I get home, threw down my purse, ripped off my jacket, shoes and hat and flopped into bed.

I took deep breaths as one of my doctors told me to do when I am nauseous years ago. I fell asleep for a short nap. I woke up gratefully without the nausea.  Appetite is gone but I will try soup tonight.

2014 has not started like I would want..but it could be worse.

I hope every one has a healthy safe 2014!