Sunday, March 29, 2015


If you are a faithful follower, you know my writing habits are random. I can get a good start and keep going about once every week then I dwindle to once a month then I fade away, After a hiatus I return and go again.  You know how it goes.

 I stumbled upon a website from hopping one site to another.  It's what happens when I keep clicking on things "SIGH"

The site I stumbled on was Blogging from A to Z Challenge. As you see on the right hand and below I have a badge and calendar indicating so. When I read the rules of the challenge I was hesitant.

The rules was simple enough but the whole idea intimidated me. How could I do this? How can I come up with a subject to write every day? What if I fail the challenge? 

Here are the rules: In April, every day except Sunday a post is written with its theme surrounding the letter of the day. April 1st is the letter A. You think of something that starts with A to write about.

I saw that some challenges where themed. OMG! I know for sure I would fail. 

But this could be doable. I'll never know if I don't try.

If you decide to join, put your name on the list on the site, They also ask to read others and comment. Who knows you may find some very interesting blogs.

If anyone wants to join please do. It's an opportunity to conquer a challenge, make new friends and read different blogs all rolled in one.

So stay tuned…..

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month: Disability Etiquette

It is the end of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. I pondered what I wanted to say on the last post about this month. 

You know how hard it is for me to get into a rhythm of writing, much less on ONE subject.

I want to give you some pointers on Disability Etiquette. They are generally the same rules as for good etiquette in society.

Remember we (People with any disability) are human beings just like you. We have feelings. We go through challenges and triumphs just like you. We have family and friends just like you. We love just like you. We want to be understood just like you do.

Do NOT stare. TEACH your kids NOT to stare. It is rude. It is uncomfortable. Yes, you can look and be curious but after a few seconds turn your head. It can actually be hazardous to your health. I've seen so many people almost hit by cars, run into walls or other people because they were staring at me. I can tell you so many stories.

There is this one man in church. He sits in the back pew. Every time Hubby and I walk in, his eyes follow me from the time I enter the door until I sit down. I have stared him down a few times. You would think it would make him stop. I told Hubby one day I wanna stick my tongue at him. It's just a reaction. Sorry. But Hubby subtly reminds me I am in church.

If you are that curious ask them QUIETLY. "May I ask what your disability is?" Or as a child will yell, "Why do you walk like that". That is fine but DO NOT yell. It brings more attention then necessary like the Priest did to me. Most of us don't mind explaining. Remember to be tactful and discreet.

Do not come up to us and assume. I don't know how many times people have come up to me saying, "Oh poor child, you had Polio?' What kind of accident you were in? 99% of your assumptions are WRONG.

When talking to us, talk directly to US. If we have a spouse, aide or sign language interpreter, don't tell them what you want to tell us. We can hear and talk (or communicate in another way) for ourselves. 

Do NOT stare. I know I said this before but if you only remember one thing is this one.

If you offer assistance, wait until the offer is accepted. If we accept, listen to our need and help. Do not take over without being asked or asking.

Treat adults as adults. Don't use the tone you use for your children. It's aggravating. If the person is in a wheelchair (FYI to newcomers, I am not.) do not pat their heads in a patronizing way.

The last one I deal with nearly every day. Listen attentively when you are talking to a person trouble speaking or has a speech defect. Be PATIENT and don't interrupt until they finish, rather than correcting or speaking for the them. If necessary, ask them short answer questions or questions requiring only a nod. NEVER pretend you understand if you don't. You could miss on helluva lot! Repeat what you understand and allow them to respond.

I BEG you to listen carefully and try to understand. It is just as frustrating for us as it for you if you don't understand. We want you to understand and doing the best we can. 

These are the most important to ME. You can find more etiquette at these sites:

If you remember that those with a disability is a human being and treat them as such, it's a good start.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month is coming to an end. 

I want to thank all of those who wore Green on March 25th, Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day. I received a few emails stating that their coworkers wore Green that day after reading my Facebook Challenge. Ya'll are AWESOME!!!!!

Today, I am going to tell you about some people with Cerebral Palsy. I am absolutely sure there are many more . If anyone comes to mind, please do share.

Josh Blue is my favorite comedian with Cerebral Palsy. His act centers around his disability. Most of us with CP can so relate to him and laugh about it.

Abbey Nicole Curran  was the first MISS USA PAGEANT contestant with a disability, representing IOWA. You go girl!

Bonner Paddock who wasn't diagnosed until he was 11 years-old played sports, In 2008, he was the first person with CP to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. He is the founder and chairman of the OM Foundation that raises money to build early learning centers providing various types of therapy to children with disabilities.

Dan Keplinger is an artist known as King Gimp. His art is awesome.

Geri Jewel is a comedian, actress author and motivational speaker. You may have seen her on Facts of Life where she became the first person with CP to be on a prime time TV show. 

Christy Brown is the author of  his autobiography of My Left Foot that was turned into a movie. He has a severe form of CP. He was nearly paralyzed and couldn't speak until he moved his left foot. His mother than taught him to speak, read and write. His story is truly inspirational.

RJ Mitte: An actor on Breaking Bad. He serves a spokesman of actors with disabilities for the Screen Actors Guild. He is also an Ambassador for United Cerebral Palsy. 

Jerry Taylor is the only person to jog across America with crutches. He is a motivational speaker and participated in running over 30 marathons and climbed the top of over 14,110 foot Pike's Peak.

See folks, there are so many others with CP who have conquered so many challenges. They have extraordinary lives. This is a list of only a few but the ones who make me smile when I hear their names.  

Friday, March 20, 2015


I found some T-shirts on I was surprised MyHubby is wearing his. But shame on me because I know he supports me. And my shirt pretty much sums it up for me.

Cerebral Palsy Messed With The Wrong Chick

I wear Green for my wife and Cerebral Palsy Awareness

I think they are so cool!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Payton's Update

Payton. my little cousin who I keep talking about is giving a good fight against Monster C.

Around three weeks ago, he went for his round of chemo. However, his ANC levels were too low so chemo had to be set back an entire week.

According to MedicineNet ANC is described as this "The real number of white blood cells (WBCs) that are neutrophils. The absolute neutrophil count is commonly called the ANC. Neutrophils are key components in the system of defense against infection. An absence or scarcity of neutrophils makes a person vulnerable for infection.

As they were waiting, an accident happened. Somehow a night stand fell on his hand and broke 3 fingers. He had to have surgery.

A few days later, the little dude had to endure a 5 day course of chemo through his chest line and the chemo injection in his eye. This made him very sick and his ANC level dropped to 0. This caused him to be in the hospital for two days because of fevers and the chance of infection.

Friday he was able to go home but first had to receive platelets.

This dude is so tough. But I often think of ALL the children who his going through this and much more.

They are home now and he is happy playing with his brother and sister. They have to go to Baton Rouge tomorrow for lab work to make sure his labs are good.

March 30 they have to return to St. Jude's to undergo 1 day of chemotherapy which lasts 5 hours.

To make things worse their truck broke down so this family keeps having bricks thrown at them. They are strong and they will endure but with help of all of you, whether it be money or prayers, they will come through.

This weekend is the Jambalaya cook off and Gumbo cook off. There is also going to be pool tournament, raffle and other fun activities. Of course if you can't make it, his gofundme is still opened.

I this is so adorable!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Here's the second Psychology Report a year later from yesterday's post.

Again I'll translate:

Age: 6 years 6 months

Seen: New Iberia Health Unit
          Iberia Parish Unit

I saw Lisa in April of 68 at which time she attained a Stanford-Binet I.Q. of 71. Another test was wanted to see if she had changed significantly and what class she should be placed in, whether she should attempt the regular class or be in a retarded class.

Lisa impresses me as rather formal and matter of fact without great feeling. She talks rather vaguely and her articulation problems make it quite difficult to understand her.  She is still a fairly scared child.

On the WISC Lisa attained a verbal IQ of 72 and a Performance I.Q. of 65. These scores are in the Borderline and Mildly Retarded ranges. The highest score seems to be the more accurate measure of her academic or school ability.

There are signs from testing and otherwise that the mother tends to keep expecting too much and pushing this girl some. Again I told her that she couldn't help Lisa's ability by doing this but could harm it some. I encouraged her to let Lisa do as much as she could, however.

Actually, this girl needs a slow learner class but that's not available. I think it's probably better to let this girl belong to the regular class and spend a year or two in each grade, rather than being in class where they are much lower and much rowdier.  Also regular classes are near her home and family would not have to drive an hour a day to make arrangements. I cautioned the mother that Lisa probably would fail every year or so and to emphasize on grades significantly. I think it would be good if Mrs Hebert reinforced this from time to time.

I passed every year as an average student. I went onto becoming a nurse. So much for being a slow learner.

With many years of speech therapy during my Elementary years my speech has improved significantly although I have trouble with saying a word. I call those times as having a CP brain fart.

 Once you get to know me, you usually get used to my speech. However, strangers have trouble sometimes. MyHubby tells me most of the time they are not listening exactly to what I am saying.

Case in point: The other day I was on the phone. I was saying my address and our street name is difficult for people to spell: Courtableau…signs like Core-tah-blah. I spelled it. She comes back with C-o-r-t-o-b-l-u. How did she miss u, got "o" out of a and totally missed ea is beyond me because I was saying it fairly slow. So I had to repeat using words "C as in Cat", etc.

My mom is my hero. She could tell I could do a lot more than the Psychologist implied. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if there was a slow learner class available. I think my Mom would have fought tooth and nail.

The  tone of the psychologist and the way he used mentally retarded makes me cringe.

It's funny! I think I express myself with very strong feelings just fine. I think many will agree.

I think as a child I was shy and I knew I was "different". Being evaluated by doctors and psychologists was intimidating to a little tot. Kids sense many things and maybe I sensed something with this psychologist so I clammed up.

I also wondered how the test was performed because how could he give me a score when he could not understand what I am saying?

Of course with my bad speech problems at the time, very few people took the time to try to listen and understand me. So I probably thought why bother to talk.

I have friends and family members say they forget I have Cerebral Palsy in any way, shape or form.
I love to hear that.

Thank you for the warm comments and encouraging words.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Mind of A Thief

I want to apologize for the horrendous editing in my last post. I did use spell check but I inadvertently pressed paste. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Anyway, I am going to take a break from CP Awareness today because I want to share an incident with you that happened this morning.

I was at Wallyworld today looking for my Cranberry tablets. I picked up a bottle. I looked under it to determine if it was the big horse pills or the little caplets. I noticed it jiggled less than usual. So I shook it again and all I heard was 2 pills jingling in the bottle. As I scrutinized the bottle I noticed the cap was half off.

Obviously someone stole almost a whole bottle of pills. I am trying to visualize the culprit doing it.

MyHubby tells me people steal a lot where he works. He said sometimes there are two items to a pack and people will rip it open and take only one. Or they'll take the item and leave the packaging. He's told me so many stories.

It became so real to me today.

I don't know. I try but can't get into a mind of a shoplifter or thief. I would feel so guilty.

I've brought my child (She was a tot still in diapers) back into the store after I found that she had grabbed something off the candy rack and paid for it.

Once I had big items on a little item that I hadn't seen. I noticed it when I was loading my car. I went back in and explained to the cashier what happened and paid for it.

It just boggles my mind.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Years ago, I received my records from the Crippled Children's Clinic in the local health unit. It was like a child on Christmas. I have read my records so many times. I'll share bits and pieces I think is interesting.

Here is a Psychology report  a psychologist wrote on me after examining me for the first time.The print may be too small so I have transcribed it below.  My second visit with him a year later was more interesting. I'll post that one in the next few days and I guarantee this will make you think. Every time I read them I think if I could visit this psychologist now and tell him he was wrong would be so cool

Age: 5 Years 6 months (My birthday)
Seen: 4-10-68
New Iberia Health Unit

Lisa is a Cerebral Palsy child and was referred to determine if she should start in regular school. Lisa is quite small and I found her too quiet and uneasy. She smiled a little too strongly as though fearful. I noticed minor articulation problems and baby speech. At times it was extremely difficult to understand what she said.

On the Stanford-Binet Lisa attained a mental age of 4 years 1 month for an IQ of 71in the borderline range. This is on the border between Dull, Normal and Mildly retarded. This means that she is not actually retarded but in the slow learner category. It would be good for her to be in a slow learner class if possible or start school a year or two late if no such special class is available. She could be in a Educable Retarded class as long as it contains young children.

I think the mother has done a reasonably good job with Lisa and there seems to be strong affection between the two. The mother, however, is a little too strict and compulsive in her general work with Lisa.  I think if she could to "loosen up" a little and allow Lisa more freedom in small ways, this might make her feel safer.  It might be a good to see mother and child again for 45 minutes a visit or two from now when we can find more time. I don't think it's real urgent, and if Mrs Hebert can encourage Mrs. Landry to loosen up some with Lisa, this may handle the problem.


My mom was strict with both of her girls. Mom said he evaluated me for about an hour putting me in a room with blocks.  She was so upset that she went to my Pediatrician and insisted this doctor was wrong! My Pediatrican, Dr. Halphen told my mom she knew me better than anyone else and just do what she has been doing.

I don't ever remember my Mom restricting me in doing anything. I NEVER felt unsafe. Maybe I knew I was different and didn't understand why being a young child so it made me unsure. Maybe I was afraid of him, a stranger.

I started school a year late not because of being "slow and borderline" retarded but because I had surgery.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

CP Awareness: My Handy Dandy Tools

From a previous post you are aware that it's Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month.

As I have grown older I've had to let go of my pride and use certain tools including every day items to make my life easier.

I am blessed that I don't need any tools to walk such as a wheelchair, cane, walker etc. However, I do have a little trouble with steps.

My ex once built a ramp to our home in the back. Yes, he had some good intentions. I refused to have one in the front for everyone to see. I don't know why. Maybe my pride. Anyway, the ramp gave me more problems than the steps.  

If it is one or two steps I am okay but when it comes to more steps it is a challenge. I have handrails on our steps.

Fortunately, there are not too many places I go with a bunch of steps like our Church. There are handrails but Hubby is with me so he just holds my hand and I lead the way up the stairs.  He is sorta my support. Or whoever is with me at that time.

I have trouble bending down. I am always dropping something.  I cannot bend from knees because it's difficult for me to stand back u. If I bend from my waist it is hard for me to reach down all the way to the floor and maintain my balance trying to pick up something. A few years ago, my hubby bought me a Grip 'N Grab. It is such an awesome tool. It picks up things as small as a sweet pea and as large as a small hard cover book. I've been thinking about getting another one to put in a different part of the house and  another for outside.   I love it!

Sometimes my clothes get stuck all the way in the back of my dryer or on in the back of my washing machine.  I use BBQ Tongs or a spotted spoon!

For many years I have carried laundry baskets of clothes. I hated it. When I carry something bulky or large, it offsets my balance even more than normal and it is just plain awkward.  I had started to push the basket with my foot from the bathroom to the laundry, about 30 feet.

Then my loving husband bought this totally awesome rolling hamper

I am on Aspirin for previous blood clots so I bleed easier if I cut myself. Also, my hands are spastic so sometimes jars and bottles are hard to open. Although I use my Yoshi Blade knife sometimes, these kitchen shears are my tool of choice for cutting, chopping, slicking and opening jars.

So there you go! That's my arsenal of tools that make my life easier.

Share the tools you use to make your life easier, whether you have a disability or not.

As aways thank you for dropping by and go ahead if you like, and leave a comment.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

March is Cerebral Palsy (CP) Awareness month.  I have Cerebral Palsy for in case you missed it in any of my posts or you are new to my blog.

Here are a few facts about Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy is the most common motor disorder in children.

The symptoms and severity of CP varies from person to person.

Globally there is 17 million more people who have CP. .

Cerebral palsy is a life-long physical disability caused by damage of the brain, usually during pregnancy. I am one of may exceptions. My Mom said I acquired it at 6 months of age when I stopped breathing during when I had pneumonia but was not diagnosed until I was 2.

Cerebral palsy affects body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance.

There are 4 types of Cerebral Palsy: Spastic, Athetoid, Ataxic and Mixed.

Spastic is characterized by muscle spasticity and permanent contractions. I have the muscle spasticity but no contractions.

Athetoid is characterized by slow uncontrolled writhing movements. Does not apply to me.

Ataxia is poor coordination and balance.

Mixed is combination of more than one. Obviously, I have this one.

There are many resources online that you can get more information. Here a few that I am using in addition to my knowledge.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine

United Cerebral Palsy


Those of us with Cerebral Palsy often have an equal or better IQ than anyone else.

We (those of us with Cerebral Palsy) have the same life expectancy as those who don't have CP.

Most of us can walk. Some need assisting devices.

Some  of us have trouble communicating because we can't talk or have a speech defect. I think this is most frustrating. I know I can't pronounce some words and have that 'CP drawl". There are often times my brain can't figure out how to say the word offhand or pronounce it. Luckily I tell Hubby to say it and most times I can then pronounce the word. But there are other times, I just say, "Yea that's it!

My family and friends are used to the way I talk so they can understand me. Hubby laughs at the way I say things sometimes.  He thinks it is cute.

Talking to someone on the phone is the worse. It seems to me I am talking clearly but the other person is like, "Say that again" Or they repeat what they thought I said but it is all wrong. I tell Hubby that I understand I have a slight speech defect but c'mon its not that bad! He agrees and says people just don't listen but he also admits he had to listen closely when we first got together but now he is used to it.

If I am crying or upset and talk, forget it. Even my closest family can't understand me.

I probably could write a book about it but there are too many out there. So that is a summary of what Cerebral Palsy is and how it affects my life.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. It won't offend me.