Sunday, July 31, 2011

Medieval Times

I apologize for the delay. Real life happens. Also, I've been trying to find the words to describe the event. It is hard to put the experience into words.

Let me just tell you whether you are into the Medieval times or not. This is a MUST see.

Everything was organized.  It was beautiful. As an adult, I realize how much creativity and hard work these people and horses put into the show.

I'll just jump right in to the Medieval Times Tournament and Dinner

When we arrived, a line had already formed. Mind you, this was about 5:50 pm. Our tickets showed 7:30 pm but the doors were opened at 6:30.  .My love had gone all out in getting us a VIP package which consisted of dinner, a banner, a crown, a program, CD of behind the scenes and a picture with a royalty.

Since we had a picture voucher, Princess Leonora was sitting on her throne. They took pictures then offered a theme picture for $15. I let MyLove pick and of course he picked the Dragon Slayer.

They frowned upon taking pictures in the building but it looked like a castle.The pics I will post are from the Internet. Although there were flashes all over, we obeyed the rules.

It was magical. I thought later, if I was awed by the whole thing, can you imagine what a child feels the first time he enters?

Everything was overwhelming.

We walked into a castle length dungeon-like area. There were coat of arms decorations, statues of knights, swords decorations.  etc. We had no clue what to do as people were all over the place. The doors to the main auditorium were locked. We saw displays to buy overpriced.'souvenirs. There was also a  bar that served humongous drinks we didn't touch. It was fun  to watch those who were getting intoxicated rapidly.

After some time, the Chancellor with his knights came out and made an announcement for the kids to be knighted. They called them by their names for them to feel important. We learned people with anniversaries, birthdays etc were knighted. The kids were knighted.

The Chancellor was so cool. I loved his voice. His voice just runs through me head sometimes. He and his knights were all very friendly and they interacted with the guests.

Finally, around 7:30 the King came out and in his special explained the festivities were about to begin and listed the rules.

They opened the doors and called out the colors. We were red and yellow. We followed our servant to our first row seats. There was the arena in the middle where everything will happen. Our servant took our drink order and she always addressed us as MyLady and MyLord.

The show told a story and was well played out. Our red and yellow knight was a young Hispanic gentleman with long curly hair your fingers just want to touch. The scenes were played as we ate and as they were changing scenes is when the servant would bring our food.

The horses were  Andalusian  They were gorgeous and very well trained . A scene showed the horses do tricks like go on their  hind legs. Just seeing  how the horse and knight work with another was amazing.

The knights had competitions and jousted and you can tell the way the fans were shouting the loudest fan section was the one winning. It was very interactive and kept your attention the whole time..

I jumped when they were sword fighting. Their swords touched and sparks were flying. You could see that they were faking but making it seem real. Actually, one knight accidentally hit another wrong and he fell to the ground but he acted like that was how it was suppose to be and eventually came through.

There was also a falcon show where the falcon soared over our heads. I kept telling MyLove, there has to be some kind of string. I couldn't see it. But I saw  his master whisper in a mic and did hand motions.

It didn't seem like an hour when it ended. I give minute when everything ended.

It was an unforgettable experience.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pleading With College Police

First and foremost, I promised to acknowledge a fellow blogger,,Pencil GIrl who unconfused me on WordPress. She was an angel giving me a solution to my ongoing problem on Word Press. Check out her blog. She is a sweet kind generous person.

Second, I  know this was suppose to be Part 3 of my mini vacation. However, I have not had time to upload pics I want to post and just sit and write all of my experience at the Medieval Times. Yesterday was busy and unaccomplished. Don't you hate those days? Today is just downright yucky. Rain. Rain. Rain. People down here wished it would rain. I didn't but now they  have it.

So here I am wanting to keep the pattern in blogging every day. although I'm blahzee, I want you to smile so here it is.

Yesterday, I went to my BabyGirl's college as requested by her to see if her financial aid and scholarship came through to see how much out of pocket will be needed.  She is still in MS.

As I said, it was raining. As alot of colleges, its huge. I actually spent 3 semesters to get my RN license but due to circumstances I had to stop and stayed a LPN.

She told me to go to Corona Hall which is where the cashier is. You know how campuses have all these long walks and buildings. The street Corona Hall is on  a two way narrow strip with parking spaces along the already narrow street. The Security Police, the hall for disabled and Post office are across the street..Check out the map below!

I remember bringing her to Corona once and remembered a parking lot right in back. However, as being a former student there I also know all parking spaces are assigned. So I dutifully drove to Martin Hall which is where visitors are suppose to go. There was a small toll booth to pass through. I stated my business and situation. I told her I would pay for a temp parking permit showing her my handicapped placard if I could park closer to the hall.

She told me all she could offer was a free 30 minute parking space where a car was backing up in that lot. I understand there are rules and I never use the handicapped card but I knew I would take longer than 30 minutes with my breathing.  I told her I would be back.

For a reminder or if you are a new follower, I have a mild case of Cerebral Palsy and lung disease among too many to mentioned illnesses. I am disabled from the lung disease. I never used my CP excuse until I developed the lung disease. And no, I have never ever smoked. I also didn't have a handicapped placard until my lung disease developed.

Anyway, I drove to the street Corona Hall was on and drove up and down creating my plan. The road on the side if the building that goes to the parking lot were ALL closed off due to construction. That plan was eliminated.

As I passed the next Hall, Olivier, I noticed  instantly that  there was a row of handicapped parking spaces in a small parking lot with maybe 2 cars. . There was a walk from the parking lot to Corona Hall.

I know you're looking at the map and think they're close..its not for me I promise you!

The rain had slowed down AND it was closer than Martin. I know when the weather is rainy, Campus Police are out with their tickets knowing the students try to get away with parking illegal. I was desperate.

I parked in a handicapped parking space and found a piece of paper. I wrote UL POLICE PLEASE DON'T TICKET ME. I AM HANDICAPPED AND AT CORONA HALL.TO SEE ABOUT MY DAUGHTER'S TUITION. PLEASE PLEASE DON'T TICKET ME. I wrote her name and my name.

It was still raining but not as hard so I walked to Corona Hall via the sidewalk. I talked to the nice lady and did my business.
As I walk out and around the corner towards my car,  my fear comes true. I see the Campus Police Car on the side of my car!  I thought, "HOLY COW" That is the Rated G form. HA! I start walking faster, moving my  my arms with my paper like waving a flag. I increase my speed carefully as I don't want to slide and fall on my face. Everyone who knows me can picture this right? LOL.
As I think about it, he was PARKED in the handicapped area without a placard LOL
So I yell, "Hey, Mr. Police!" I can feel the humidity settling in my lungs.I can't run much and walk fast..So I'm walking as fast as I am, waving  my hands in the air yelling PLEASE DON'T.

He was a 5'6 dark head Chinese young man dressed in his Uniform.

He looks at me like "What the hell."  I am sure all he saw was a DRUNK woman in blue jeans and neon green muscle shirt (Yes, a cop has stopped me before thinking I was drunk when I wasn't)

He walks around my car eyeing me. I FINALLY get to him short of breath and pleaded breathing heavy, "Please officer! I have a handicapped placard but Martin Hall's lady wouldn't give me a temp parking pass. Please don't give me a ticket."

He says, "You do know you are suppose to have a UL parking sticker?"

I said, "Yes, I do. My BabyGirl is in MS and asked me to come see about her scholarship and financial aid.

His pen was on the paper. I hold out  my hand to stop him  and I begged, "Please, as you can see I am handicapped! I did offer the Martin Hall Lady money for the anywhere to park but she said she couldn't. I understand that.  It's raining and it would have taken me longer to walk than the 30 minutes she would have given me. Please please give me a break."

His eyes move up and down my small body. I'm sure he didn't understand much of what I was saying since I was so short of breath. People have to get used to my speech as I say I have the CP drawl. My family and friends say they never thought of it like that. But when you have CP and in a bunch of others with CP, you notice!

I somehow get into my car and hand him my note from the dashboard.

He looks up at me again and says, "I'll let you go this time."


I got in the car. As I was driving out the parking lot, I looked in the rearview mirror and he was watching me with a confused face..hehe..So be nice to the UL Security..hehe

Also UL missed out on some $ because I was happy to pay for the temp parking ticket but there you go. No worries! They'll get it through my child's outrageous tuition.
I would not encourage anyone to try what I did because it was ILLEGAL and the person won't be as lucky as I was.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Part II: Eats On Mini Vacation

This post is about the food we ate on our mini vacation in Arlington.

Arlington is 6 hours away from where I live. We decided to do the same thing we did last year for lunch. I made sandwiches and cut some cantaloupe and cucumbers. Midway in Shreveport we stopped at a rest stop to stretch our legs and eat.

When we got to the B&aB, there was a plate of 3 oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies. I forgot to take a picture of it because I was so relieved we made it and munched them right away. We were disappointed that there was none the next morning  to snack on. Their 'snacks' were tea, coffee and popcorn you made yourself.

As I told you in the previous post, we found Panda Express for supper that night. We had the typical Chinese food. I tasted better Chinese but there was no other choice.

The next morning we walked to the "dining area' that looked more like a bar. There was a sweet friendly waiter/cook waiting for us. He gave us a choice of typical breakfast or Spinach Quiche. So MyLove and I had scrambled eggs, one of us had sausage and the other had bacon and roasted potatoes. The next day we just switched the meat and my love had some fruit

Okay, now I had never ever seen big BREAKFAST sausages like theirs.. I told MyLove, "DAMN That is some big sausages!" He laughed and said, "What? its breakfast sausage." I said, "I have NEVER seen big breakfast sausage like these." I wondered to MyLove what brand they were.

He just shook his head like he always does when something ordinary to him makes me amazed.

What can I say? I was secluded when I grew up!  Its MY excuse anyway :).

And owning up to the naughtiness I supposedly have, MyLove and I had a conversation regarding another aspect of sausages. I'll spare you the details. The waiter/cook must have thought we were crazy whispering in an empty room except him and laughing.

After the big breakfast, we skipped lunch. We had brought some leftover Chinese we had the previous night and saved it in the mini refrigerator. Around 3 pm, we ate it for a snack because we did not want to waste it.

That night we went to the Medieval Tournament. I can't wait to tell you about that. All I am going to say now it was awesome! Stay tuned!

MyLove had bought the tournament AND Dinner tickets so we got first row seats and we ate everything with our hands. When MyLove told me that we were going to eat with our hands I thought it would be finger food type..

Our "servant" introduced herself. I can't remember her name because it was so noisy. She always addressed us as "My Lady" and "My Lord" just like we were royal.  .All the bowls and plate were pewter even the mugs.

She first took our drink orders which was tea or soda. I had a Dr. Pepper and MyLove had an Iced Tea. They came in big pewter icy mugs.

Our "servant' then served us tomato bisque in a pewter bowl with a handle. We just picked it up by the handle and drank the piping hot delicious bisque. I am usually not a real fan of bisque but this one was good..

Then they served us half of a baked chicken. I thought who eats a half chicken? Lots did. I barely ate a quarter with the other food. Then she served us one BBQ rib. It was tender and meaty with a tangy succulent taste.

She plopped what looked  and tasted like a sweet potato hash brown. It looked and tasted like it was broiled. Mine must have gotten the salt because some of it was salty. When I say something it salty, believe me it is SALTY. After that she threw a buttery  melt-in-your mouth hot dinner roll onto our plates.

For dessert, she served a steaming hot turnover. MyLove says his was apple. Mine was sorta peachy apricot. I gotta tell you I wanted another one! It was so hot, flaky and yummy!

I couldn't take pictures because they didn't allow it. But everything was good. I ate as much as I could. MyLove told me that the lady next to him had a couple of kids and they didn't even touch the food. Such a waste.

However,  the two Spanish men sitting next to me ate all of it. They acted like cavemen stuffing their mouths.  One guy was sucking the bones.  MyLove was able to eat it all. My tummy can take just so much.

The next morning we had our breakfast like the previous morning but we switched meats.

As we headed home, we were trying to stop before we got to the Louisiana line but we couldn't find a restaurant on our side of the highway. We ended up eating at a WHATABURGER in a dinky small town. We have one less than 5 miles from home and never been to one. So we decided to go for it. We each had a WHATABURGER with cheese, fries and drink.

This is the end of our Eats on vacation. Be sure to stay tuned for the exciting rest of my vacation.

                                            This was the centerpiece of the breakfast table.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mini vacation Part I: Traveling in Texas

A week ago, MyLove and I went on a mini vacation.  Trust me, it was needed!

This will be only one part of my vacation and it is about our traveling.

MyLove wanted to see a  Medieval Tournament as he had seen it before and wanted me to see one. We decided to stay in Arlington, go to the Medieval Tournament in Dallas and on our way back, make a detour north to Italy, Texas. He took charge and made all the arrangements.

Let me give you this tidbit. We do not have Onstar or a GPS. We didn't think of a map. We had Map Quest directions he printed out.  I figured he knew where he was going and he had what was needed, right?  We made it to Texas and when we neared  where we thought the  exit was we looked for the sign we needed. We drove and drove.

In fact, I kept thinking, we've gone too far calculating what Map Quest said and the miles we had gone. He was thinking we were on the right track. But then we saw a sign, and with our information we had, the exit was missed.. However, we were both depending on the other and didn't say anything trusting the other knew what they were doing.

I have to say to those who live in BIG cities with 6 lanes and speed limit 60, ya'll can have them. .

We obviously missed a "merge". You know those kind where there's six lanes (I may be exagerrating about the six but it seemed like it anyway, can't remember exact)  with signs with arrows going right, straigh and left. Idiots were going more than 60 mph because MyLove was going with traffic and people were passing us up!

I was so tense because we saw so many freaking near accidents. People cutting in with no blinker. I wonder where they got their driver's license. Do they even know where the blinker is? Do they even slow down? It's either you let them in or you are going to hit them.

I thought Louisianians were crazy drivers. I think I was wrong. My muscles hurt when we finally arrived at our destination. There is no doubt why we missed the exit, having to pay attention to crazy drivers and reading the MANY signs.

Thank God we don't have freeways like Texas!

An hour later we finally arrived at the "Luxury Boutique Hotel" The Sanford House.We checked in, walked around the grounds and rested. Around 6:30 we decided to venture out for supper. We had taken down addresses of a few places online
To all future visitors of Arlington: BEWARE! If you arrive on a Sunday, it is like a ghost town, where we were anyway! Not many restaurant are opened except for Fast Food Chains and then, they are rare.  We could not find a single Steakhouse, Mexican or BBQ place opened! So we went to Plan B and ended up eating at a Panda Express Chinese restaurant. It was alright. I've tasted better Chinese.

It took us an hour to finally get to it with the crazy streets I mentioned and going to restaurants that were closed.One establishment had one of those papers that said the owner hadn't paid their lease so they were shut down.  MyLove and I have agreed next time we go into Arlington on a Sunday, we'll stop in the city before or bring sandwiches.

We got back to the hotel and jumped in the pool for an hour and retired for the night..

The next morning after breakfast, we went to a Model Train Shop MyLove had found online. It was fairly easy. But we figured out where we were suppose to have gone off I-20.Too late then though! HA!

After we went look for some cars.  MyLove has been searching online for a car to buy. He had seen some dealerships on Division Street onlinet. So we went check them out. Here's another tip: Division Street is THE AUTO STRIP there.  All you saw was cars!

Here's a pic of a garage we had passed. He had passed it, I looked back and saw it. I made him turn around to get this picture. Don't know what it says but I wanted the Smiley Face!

On our way back to the B&B we got into a fender bender. Here's a map I made. You can laugh. I've never considered myself an artist. Ha!

As you can see the B&;B was at the corner of Center Street and Sanford street. . Center street was a two way where the front of the house was facing.I just noticed I only put one arrow on Center  but it is suppose two as it is a two way, two lanes. Sanford Street was on a three lane, one way passing on the side of the house where we parked. We were coming down Sanford in the middle lane. I know I have only two lanes but I was tired of fighting with Paint and straight lines!

MyLove and I were trying to figure out where we were because we hadn't figured out the streets yet. Well, he was going maybe 10 miles an hour because we knew we were close. He passed the house looking the other way. I saw it go by and informed him we had just passed it 

He glanced into his rear view mirror and began to change lanes when simultaneously this car comes out of nowhere and whizzes by as we hear a LOUD Noise but the car continues.

As MyLove continues to change lanes and turn.we were startled so he stopped on the side and he asked  me if we were hit. I figured if we were hit, the air bag would have came out. Well the dude evidently saw us, backed up a good quarter mile back to where we were and stopped. He gets out of his car with a big ass clipboard and proclaims we hit him. He was a middle aged Hispanic man. I'll call him Lopez because he reminds me of George Lopez for some reason..

MyLove kept asking me if he hit something. So we're looking at my car and my bumper was scratched but I can't tell you if it was there before or not. The man had a dent on the passenger side but we had more damage than he did.Our damage was not coinciding at all.

So the man shakes hands with MyLove and asks if he was a Priest. That was all too weird.

MyLove said, "No, why? I had stayed back with my insurance, registration but I had forgotten my license at the B&B as MyLove was the driver.

Lopez chuckles, "If you were I'd let you off the hook."

I looked at the dude and thought he was freaking crazy. So he looked at our license plate, and wrote it down. He  asked if we were visitors. DUH!

MyLove said, "Yea." So Lopez asked if we had insurance. MyLove responded positively. MyLove also admitted that he had looked but hadn't seen him.

We say he was going like a bat out of hell from nowhere!

Lopez says we need to call the cops.

MyLove tells him, "I am not calling the cops. You call the cops."

The man looks around and starts walking to a building and says he is going look for a phone. MyLove approves, "OK", then asks, " You don't have a cell phone?"

Lopez continues to walk with clipboard in hand looking over his shoulder, "No, you?"

MyLove mutters  he does. Lopez stops, turns around and says, "Oh well you can call them."

MyLove says, "I'm not calling them, you call them." .

We were still unsure if we had collided or not and who was in the wrong. It didn't matter to me, my car is old and if it keeps running, I'm good. So MyLove hands him the phone.

The man takes the phone and looks at it like he was trying to read Chinese. He had no clue that he just had to press the numbers. We weren't offering!

He walks around the car again and says, "Know what? I have your license plate. And since you are out of down, I think I will let you go. But here is  a tip be careful around here because trucks come down here and can kill ya."

No Sh-t Sherlock!

MyLove and I just looked at each other.  MyLove then thanks him and tells him we appreciated it. We shook hands and made it back to our B&B. I told MyLove that was a sign to tell us to get off Texan roads for a while.

We made it to the Tournament in Dallas that night, about 20 miles away with one missed turn, again those damn signs! If you get off in the wrong place you are screwed for at least 20 minutes. It took us that long to find another exit to get back to where we were to go the right way. Thank God we left early!

The next morning we checked out of the B&aB and made our way to Italy, Texas. That was one long road to get to the place, or so it seemed..

We made it back to Louisiana without any problems especially after we passed Arlington.We felt lost most of the time we were there.

But you know what? As much as we were lost we never got impatient and upset with the other or raised our voices.

But we did learn to BRING A MAP!

Stay tuned to the rest of my vacation!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grab My Button

If anyone would grab my button on the right hand of my blog that says My Cajun Life in flamy red and put it on yours, please let me know if works. I finally THINK I figured it out. Thanks so much.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Real Love Conquers What Could Have Been A tragedy

I have read numerous articles about Rachelle Friedman's journey.. Her story can teach many lessons and is an inspiration of love, friendship, strength and self confidence.

Rachelle was a happy bride-to-be ready to start her new life with her fiance, Chris one year ago. However, at her Bacholerette party, a bridesmaid pushed her into a pool. Rachelle sustained spinal injuries that caused her to be paralyzed from waist down.

Stories like these always grasps my attention. I love to read about people's lives where they overcome the hardest obstacles they are dealt.They give me inspiration and reminds me that my life is not so hard after all.

I've been in a wheelchair for short periods of time and I can tell you I hated it with a passion. It was claustrophobic and mind you, I only spent a couple of months at a time living in one. I can't imagine having to live your whole life in one as many do. Bless each and everyone  who have to live in one.

Years later I joined a Cerebral Palsy sponsored soccer team that entailed all players to be in a wheelchair so I had to use one. My coach time and time again reminded me that it was only for a few hours.

Anyway back to my original thoughts concerning Rachelle.

Rachelle is a very strong woman. She is a very loyal friend. Not once have I seen her mention the girl's name who pushed her. I would hope I would have the same reaction if I was ever in that situation.

Imagine how her best friend feels. Imagine knowing you put your best friend in a wheelchair not to mention almost caused her to lose her life. How many people have done the same very thing to someone else at a pool but not cause injury.

Then imagine being the groom  realizing the girl he was going to marry is not as mobile. I give Chris much credit for sticking with her. It shows he is a loyal man. It shows that he will be there for her every day for the rest of their lives. It shows he loves her no matter what.. .He has honored her as he will promise her at their wedding "For sickness and in health..."

I know few men who would have stuck around. I know there are those special ones like Chris.I have one. He had no idea what CP was but was willing to meet me. That was a plus. Then as our relationship grew he has shown me that he accepts me for who I am. He accepts my "limitations" and adapts to them for me. Rachelle and I are very lucky women.

I just love their story.  I would have not wished her injuries on her or anyone but I believe God makes things happen for a reason. I think one reason this time was to show everyone that life is short and how love can continue through the most horrific incidents. Another is to how to forgive others for any wrongdoing.

Chris and Rachelle are finally getting married Friday. They are strong. I wish them a very happy long lasting marriage.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Review-Grow Your Blog

A fellow blogger, Simple Dude has written and published an E-Book, Grow Your Blog. It is a 23-page of gold for those who have scratched their heads time and time again wondering how people get 100's of followers to their blog.

It is simply written with humor and contains tips and resources. Whether you are a newbie at blogging or a seasoned blogger, I think you will get at least one new thing you can use. And it is so cheap, its worth the whole $1.99. 

Check it out at Amazon or Smashwords!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Ah yes! In 14 hours I am off to my mini-vacation with MyLove. It is so needed! I was so depressed Wednesday. I went back to my Facebook status that day and noticed only two answered. Maybe because I said I didn't want to hear God is good, blah blah blah.

I felt so defeated. Let me tell you why.

My BabyGirl was following her girlfriend to bring their cars to stay at the girlfriend's aunt's house since they will be in Mississippi the rest of the month. It had just rained. I don't know what happened but My Babygirl told me that the girl in front of her girlfriend put on her brakes suddenly, in which made the girlfriend put on the brakes. Well my Babygirl didn't put on the brakes fast enough and reared ended her girlfriend's car which led to the domino effect of the girlfriend hitting the girl in front.

Luckily, no one was hurt. The only car that was damaged was My BabyGirl's and the damage is more than what the car is worth. And she was the only one who got a ticket.

It wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't her first wreck. She's totaled two cars in 2 years plus a few mishaps along the way. I helped her buy that car.

We don't know what we are going to do. MyLove says, there shouldn't be no "we". She wanted to be an adult, she needs to figure out the resolution.. He is right But then again, she is MY BabyGirl.

I told her to go to MS as planned, think about a resolution but don't dwell on it. I encouraged her to enjoy the experience and maybe she'll have a better perspective when she returns. Maybe I will too.

Oh did I tell ya'll my Babygirl was invited to a Soroity for academic success. I'm just so damn proud of her!

Friday, July 1, 2011

After two weeks and 5 phone calls, I have received my records from the Crippled Children's Clinic. Eighteen years of my life were compacted into 130 pages of progress notes, surgical reports, x-ray reports, payments and correspondence.  Most were progress notes,  telephone calls and correspondence from social worker to insurance back to clinic. What a circus that was!

The first thing that I realized was I almost weigh the same I did when I was 13. Only a few pounds more. I also had a State Case Number. I guess I should have known that the help was through the state since it was a 'free' clinic.But what can I say I've had a brain fart all my life. "SIGH"

Looking through my records I am  able to get a better timeline of my surgeries and what happened between. I am learning the names of the apparatuses.

I have discovered unknown terms used to describe the surgeries, braces, casts etc  You can bet I am looking them up to understand more!

The descriptions of my my family as individuals and as a family were mostly positive, except for the pyschologist which I was expecting.

I learned that how the costs of medical care has skyrocketed since the disco era.  My dad's income at the time was wide opening. I wish I had the rent and bills they had! I would be living like a queen.

I was reminded of the names of people who came and went through my medical care. It makes me wonder what happened to some of them. Some names I have no memory of them. I can't picture a face to the name and. It frustrates me.

My parents told me stories throughout the years but I think I have a better understanding of what they had to go through to fight for what I needed. My appreciation of their courage and the parents are trifold than before.

There were also pictures they had taken to mark my progress. I was half naked. I remember at one point, my mom telling doc that I was becoming a young lady and the nakedness was going to have to be less. So I wore my panties and balloon undies as they had to see my legs. What I will treasure the most is the pic of my awesome doctor I had. My memory distorted his face but now when I think of him, I can have a clear picture.

I've read all of the 130 pages at least 40 times since I have received them. And each time it brings back a new memory.

I have a plan to take the information, dissect it on some kind of chart like a writer makes an outline.

I know some people have no interest or wouldn't be as excited as I was but I guess I wasn't a nurse for nothing. I always had questions and were interested in medical information. It's kinda like a child in a toy store for me with my records.