Thursday, August 29, 2013

College Books Outrageously Overpriced!!

BabyGirl is on her second-to-last semester in college. She will graduate in 2014 and will go back later for her Master's degree. She wants a break and she has to figure out how to come up with the money for her Master's because TOPS and her scholarship runs out. She is not willing to go the student loan route.

I am fine with that. I do believe she will return eventually. My goal was for her to get a college education and once again she pulled it off for me and herself. What more can a mom ask for?

It has been a struggle financially. It's been stressful for her. Luckily, she was able to get by with TOPS and a scholarship. We still have to pay for books and part of the tuition;

You see tuition keeps going up but TOPS don't increase..ridiculous. Almost every single semester tuition has gone up. 

Every semester I ask her how much her books are and I help her as much as I can. Her dad helps her out with the books as well, when she asks.

I've said it every semester. The cost of books are ridiculously high.  Hubby and I have had the conversation ever single semester how college and the book companies rip off students. How profitable they are. 

Luckily, some books are ebooks and they are able to rent books through online or at bookstores locally. Also, she has borrowed books from other students who already had the class and she loans her out.  I think a couple of semesters she has shared a book with another student.

By the way the rental is a little bit less than buying them. So I am sure the publisher/author is getting money from that too.

I sit and wonder. BabyGirl has help. But what about the kids who don't have scholarships or TOPS? What if their parents can't truly help them? For these kids they have to come up with tuition AND the money for the ridiculously overpriced books.

I have noticed through BabyGirl's college years how it is a racket. Every single year the companies come up with a new edition so the edition used the previous year is obsolete. The smart girl my BabyGirl is, has muddled through with the older edition a few times.

This semester she told me she needed 3 books. She bought one at B&N for almost $40. She has one to get that her professor wrote (I wonder what his share is) I think she said for another 40+. And then this last book is what freaked me out! The professor said it was okay to get last year's edition, is....are you sitting down...$97!  I expressed my shock with expletives. Then she said, "But Mom the newer edition is $180!"

Are you FREAKING kidding me? 

Is it me or am I the only one who thinks this is insane? This is just totally wrong.

I am seriously thinking of getting the publisher's name and address and write to them letting them know how I feel about their overpriced book.

What's the most you've paid for a textbook for college or trade school? What do you think about the cost of college and textbooks?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dream: Black Bean, Popcorn and Raisin Medley

Last night I had a dream. Yea, my dreams are off the wall! But at least this one is not about BabyGirl or my car missing or being lost!

It was my parents, Hubby and mother in law staying in a drab room. The room was like one at a Retreat House I attend, except very drabby and empty. Just one room with a small bath connecting.

Don't know where the furniture was. All I saw was four walls of drab grey.

I was standing at the stove I presume because I was looking into a gumbo pot and reading a recipe that was sitting on a counter that looked like the one in my old apartment.

The recipe stated that I had to put a little bit of olive oil at the bottom of the pot. Throw in the popcorn kernels, black beans and raisins. Then allow the popcorn to pop slightly, whatever that means. I was to stir constantly.

Following the directions the popcorn did pop but after it was cooked the popcorn was green so the pot medley was black and green.

Scene changed as most of my dreams do.

I had 4 pieces of chicken and when I was getting ready to serve, I realized that I had five people not four. So I started cutting the chicken pieces in half. In my mind I would cut them in half, put them back together and make 5. I know. Illogical. But its my dream.

So I manage to get my 5 pieces of  chicken and serve everyone. I put the plates in front of everyone. They all look at each other and then at me.

My Mother-in-Law asked, "What in the world?"

Being clueless, I said, "What? Its Black beans, popcorn and raisins." I look around and tell my my mom, "You like black beans."

At my dad and then Hubby: "You like popcorn."

To everyone: "And I like raisins. And it s a veggie to go with the chicken!"

I thankfully woke up!

Veggie! Green popcorn? Black bean, raisin and popcorn medley?

Who knows where that came from!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

21 Years Ago...

God blessed me with BabyGirl who turns legal today. She has been my pride and joy. She has been my  reason to keep living.  She has been a daughter I would never have dreamed of having.

I look back through the years and see how she has grown and matured. 21 years ago, when I held her for the first time I remembered thinking I hope I can be a great mom.  

I had so many worries. Worried if I can be the mom she needed. Worried if she would hate me because I wasn't like other moms. I worried I wouldn't be alive to see her grow up to be an independent woman.   There were so many worries. Some I still worry to this day, about different things. But that's what MOMS do. I guess it is part of our job.

God has blessed me with this awesome, accepting, loving, compassionate beautiful daughter and I thank him DAILY.

I wanted to do something special. After all, she reached a milestone. She is now a legal adult who can drink alcohol. At first, I just planned to take her out with Hubby and I.  And she was okay with that. We were going to go to Olive Garden.

Then I started to think.  This is a special moment in her life. A milestone.  I know being with us would be totally fine with her but then an idea started to form.

What if I could give her a surprise party with both her families?? Not too big, just parents, grandparents and her step siblings and Nanny and Parain and a few friends. Her friends weren't able to make it as they had to work but I have to give it to her BFF/roommate, "K'. Because she kept the secret. She was awesome and has earned my trust!

Her father and I cannot have a conversation. It is what it is. But what if we can put our differences aside and join together to make OUR daughter a special day for her this year.

So I contacted her stepmother. Her stepmother and I communicate better than my ex and I. I love her. I know that is weird but she is a genuine good person. I don't know how they ended up together but she has to deal with him and she has been like another mother to my daughter.

I attempted to make reservations at Olive Garden but after a long discussion, they said they don't take reservations. It's first come, first serve. That is for another post.

So I went to Plan B. I called Johnny Carino's and they took reservations for 20 people. So we were set.

I made BabyGirl believe we were going to Olive Garden. I promised her I would buy her glass of wine but we had to drive her there and back. When Hubby and I picked her up, I told her that I had called Olive Garden but they wouldn't take reservations and it would be 1-1/2 hour wait so we decided to go to Johnny Carino's  She said okay.

When we got there everyone was waiting for her. When she walked in she was surprised! She said, "Holy Sh-t".  Her stepmother reprimanded her about the language but I GOT HER GOOD with the surprise!

BabyGirl walking in with Hubby. I was behind them. See her face? LOL!
We all had a good time. She told me later we don't know how much it meant to her that we all got together for her! And that was my goal, to make her see how special she is. SO special that everyone came to help celebrate!

The food was great and our waitress was awesome! 

Here are some more photos I have selected from her birthday.

BabyGirl, Hubby and I! (I hate pics with me in them)
Babygirl holding her stepneice Peyton, my sister (Her Nanny) and my brother-in-law Ted.

So as not to give her suspicious, we gave her gift at her apartment. The funny thing is her father and I gave her the SAME card! That was all too weird.

BabyGirl and her Granny and PaPa (My parents)

BabyGirl and her dad and awesome Stepmom

I am so thankful that it all came together as it did.  I am thankful that I actually pulled it off because that smile on her face was all worth it!

Happy 21st Birthday BabyGirl!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You May Think Twice Grabbing a Grocery Basket....

It sucks to have an Autoimmune disorder (AI). Compound it with every other chronic medical malady you may have, it is indescribable.

You'd think I would get used to being sick or having off- the-wall crap happen to me.  However, as I age, it's like I don't want to deal with it anymore.

It's not that I am giving up or have a death wish. I just get...I can't think of the word.

Maybe....Disappointed? Discouraged? I don't know.

I am awed with some of my doctors how much my little body has endured through the years and I am still here. When I go to a new physician they look at my history and say wow!

Here is my latest medical craziness I have endured and conquered.

One day I woke up feeling drained and felt something wasn't right but couldn't pinpoint the problem.  I 'existed' for a few days with no energy.  I thought it was my sinuses/allergies/asthma flaring because the weather has been humid and rainy. My throat had been scratchy off and on as well as laryngitis. I remember feeling feverish but I seldom run fever when I am sick so I never take my temperature. I didn't have a thermometer anyway. (I do now though)

A few days later I woke up with sores in my mouth and a rash on my hands and feet.

It was difficult to eat because of the sores. I thought okay I get these mouth ulcers time to time. Although they are usually on the outside and not inside.  I swished with the mouthwash my dentist gave me then an hour later, I swished with Dr Tichenor's, the mouthwash I usually use when I have mouth ulcers. I normally dab a little of Dr Tichenor's full concentration or Gly-Oxide.

 My hands itched and some little pustule sores were appearing. I thought it looked different from my usual psoriasis I occasionally get .But I didn't really give it a second thought.   I applied some cortisone cream.

My feet were worse. I had a big area of pustule sores on the soles of my feet. They itched and hurt at the same time. The itch so bad I wanted to scratch my skin off. I could hardly walk because it hurt so bad when I put pressure on the sores.

The beginning

I finally get to my doctor a few days later. It was full blown by then. He announces that it seems to be Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. Do not confuse it with the foot and mouth disease that attacks cattle sheep etc. It is a different virus.

I thought, "Oh great! What else is going to invade my body?"

My doctor explained it to me and BabyGirl, who had taken the ride with me.

Hand, mouth and foot disease is seen mostly in children. It is a highly contagious viral bug. There are several ways of transmission.

Personal contact such as "saliva swapping' as my Doc puts it is one way for it to be transmitted  I only 'saliva swapped" with Hubby.  Hubby had no symptoms.

Or in the air like someone coughing and sneezing.  I had not been around many people.

Or touching something a person with the virus touched.

As I started deducting where I could possibly have caught this. I was at a lost. I don't go out much and prior to the visit I had only gone to the grocery story a couple days earlier.

He proceeded to tell us  that grocery cart baskets are the worse for germs.  Kids put their mouths on them, slobbering or wipe their nose. We both said,"Ewwww." I think that was the most likely way I acquired it.

Think about it. I am sure every parent has reprimanded their kid for putting their mouth on the basket handle or where it shouldn't be. I happened to just search for more information and out of curiosity  Here is an article that may interest you about the germs on those baskets.

I already knew that bit of information but when someone says it like that, it wakes you up. It makes you want to wear gloves or have Handi-wipes with you every where you go and wipe every surface before you touch it.

He said it was rare in adults but with my medical history and low autoimmune system I was one of the rare adults.

Such joy! Not!

Yep, leave it to me to catch some off the wall virus that adults rarely get.

It usually runs its course in 7-10 days . But with my medical history and to rush it along he gave me 7 days of very high dose Prednisone which helped tremendously.

I felt like a leper as the sores grew than slowly scabbed. Most of the scabs fell off so I am normal now, I think. As 'normal' as I ever will be anyway. HA!

You don't realize how much you hug and love on your spouse until you can't do it. I'm a touchy-feely type of person and those days were the roughest not to even be able to kiss him good night. 

It was a grueling week.

However, I survived and continue to move on to other craziness God has planned for me.

I bet next time you go to a grocery store and grab a basket you will think about what I said about the germs. Bring those Handiwipes or as the article said, wash your hands.

I sometimes laugh at my BabyGirl when she brings out her Hand Sanitizer. I am getting me some too. I don't know if it will prevent but I am sure it will help!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It Is ALWAYS Somethin'!'

This past few days have royally sucked

First:  Friday, someone stole BabyGirl's karate weapons out of her apartment. From deduction, we firmly believed it is an employee of the apartment complex she will be soon moving out of. Those weapons were worth 100's of dollars. She filled out a police report and complaint at the apartment complex. She was royally ticked off as we were.

We learned that her karate weapons can be considered weapons like guns. And if these weapons were used, if she hadn't filed a police report she could have been held accountable. I think she relayed that to the office.

Lo and behold a few days later the apartment complex "found" them in a trash bag in the back of their offfice.  They said they went in to inspect and thought she had moved out so they cleaned it. Excuse me? I think that was a huge crock of BS.  Yes, she is moving next week but all of her stuff is still there. It made no sense. Management needs to have better communication with their staff IF that was so. But we are so relieved to have them back.

Friday night and Saturday: I had diarrhea and felt like crap with this virus I have. i continue to feel sick..but such as my life. 

Then Monday rolls along.

If you have read my previous posts, our home buying has been a complete nightmare Its been six months since we moved in. We had to turn in a "Punch List" for them to come out and fix things They told us to wait a month or two for everything to be settled. We started calling a couple of months back. They said the manufacturer was going to call for an inspection. We were unavailable for the day so we told them to call the next day. Well they leave a message on the day we told them not to call. Never heard back. We returned the call and had to leave the message. No return call.

Contacted the dealer again and as it always has been,  a runaround.

Here is the correspondences:

Hubby send the first one. I put parenthesis because due to potential future legal ligation I don't want to state the name of businesses.


Ok, it has been close to six weeks since I first contacted you and nothing has happened! I have contacted (Dealership) several times and so has my wife. Seems like I will have to go there in person, though even that has not worked in the past, which I will do Monday afternoon. 

I do not care who fixes or not fixes, or who the middle man is I just want it fixed. I purchased the home from you and that is who I deal with. Foreign concept I know, but in my experience a person usually deals with who they bought from. 

Whatever needs to be done needs to be done!! I have been patient and tried to be reasonable, but after what I went through buying this house and now waiting over a month (6 months after moving in) for some contact there is a real problem here!

(Manufacturer) called me for a 2 question survey on a 6 month follow up which was a waste of time. No one is really concerned! Why? Are you really trying to delay this until work does not have to be because warranty period is over!! I guess BBB and lawyers are my next step.  
If you wish, although you will be seeing me in the afternoon, you can call Lisa during the day at 

The girl who works there called me back and asked what I needed to be done. I told her we sent her an email six months ago with the list and thought the Manufacturer was supposed to come inspect it. She promised she would call the manufacturer and call me sometime that day. She also informed me of that the owner Hubby was going to talk to was on vacation. We didn't believe that.

She also said sometimes the manufacturer is backed up and hires them to hire their contractors. I grumble and said "Great! Ya'll suck." They have shoddy contractors. They have them come 30-90 miles away and we were not impressed with ANY of them.

Of course she never called back.

That night I sent this email:

SENT: Monday, August 05, 2013 6:32 PM

 I talked to Tammie this morning and she promised she would call me back today (Monday, August 5th). No call back as promised. 

The next morning she responded:

Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 8:30 AM
 I was waiting to hear from the (Manufacturer) that is why I hadn’t called you. I am calling them this morning and will get back with you on this. I am sorry I didn’t call you and let you know what was going on yesterday, but I really rather have an answer for you than nothing.

I was trying to be nice and responded:

Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 9:27 AM

Okay thanks for getting back with me this morning. Just trying to stay in touch...rather it be email or phone..much appreciated.

She rattled off 2 minutes later:
Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 9:29 AM
As soon as I get in touch with them I’ll ither e-mail are call you. I had to leave a message again this morning, but if they don’t call back in a few minutes I will call them again.

My response: 
Sent: Tuesday, August 6th 9:34 am.

Okay thanks!

Nothing happened. No big surprise for us.

This Morning My email at 5:46 am:


Our patience is ending. No communication from you or (Manufacturer).

I would think since you are the dealership, getting in touch with the manufacturer would be a lot faster than this. Going on about 6 months now.

This is utterly ridiculous

Her responses: 
8:15 am

As soon as I can get some answers I will let you know.

I wasn't around to respond as I was not around and my phone does not have the internet.

9:46 Am this morning she writes:

Lisa, I will be making a work order for my guys to go out and do your repairs. Once he gets the work order he will call you to set up an appointment to do work. I am sorry it has taken so long but we will get it done. I will do what I can to get this done asap. If there is anything else I can do please get in touch with me.

10:03 am. My response:

Okay Tammie but what happened to (Manufacturer)? 
Your guys have not impressed us at all but we shall see.

Thanks for the email and run down. I'll let (Hubby) know.

So, am I missing something or does this look like a runaround? 

Just to name a few items on our punch list:
Dishwasher has not worked since Day 1.
They turned off the faucet outside that they shouldn't even had fooled with.
Some moldings are coming off.
The doors are not properly installed. I cannot get out of my front door. I keep telling Hubby if there is a fire in the laundry room, I am freaking screwed because I can't get out of the front door. I maybe can break a window..but it is not the point.
A shelf in my pantry was not installed properly and it fell down.

To add to that aggravation, Monday, our mail box was smashed. It is the second mail box we have had that has been smashed in six months. It looks like someone just passed by and hit the pole really hard. If you look close the yellow flag is between the pole and purple debris.

Hubby came home around 3 pm and saw the mailbox standing up with nothing wrong with it. He came into the house for maybe 15 minutes then went back out and saw the mailbox on the ground.

We called the Sheriff's office. It took 4 phone calls and an hour for them to get here. The dispatcher gave the cop the wrong address at first. Hubby told them the address and highway number. How hard can it be? It is not hard to find. The parish is not that big. But it shows where are our tax money is going. Nowhere. When we were going through getting everything done in getting the permits etc for  the home the parish employees kept saying it was somewhere where it wasn't or they had no clue what was going on.

Yep our taxes are paying for these morons.

Anyway, the third time the dispatcher put Hubby through to the cop and he said he was on the wrong road but in the area. 40 minutes passed. FINALLY, the cop comes. He said he had several backed up calls. No crap. It takes long when they don't know their roads. We never see them patrolling. We'll see the State Trooper but never the police or sheriff. 

I don't know. I think our public service people such as cops should at least know their area.

He asked if we had any enemies. We said no but we've had our spats with 2 neighbors.

The one in the back used to pop fireworks and use the land when we were not here. We could tell because there were firework debris and the other neighbors told us. Hubby talked to them and everything seems fine.

The man next door threatened to get a nuisance order a couple of weeks ago because he insists our broken down shed which we are intending to do something about, is harboring wild animals that are getting into his garden eating his veggies. My first reaction was that building has been that way for years, before we moved here. Why mention it now? We've been here for six months, why wait so long to mention it?


Secondly, how does he know it is from our yard? Yes, the shed is right by the fence at our property lines. But there is a freaking bayou behind a patch of woods right across the street.  Hubby told him to do what he had to do. But things settled since. And we honestly don't think he would do something like busting our mailbox.

Oh and this man who is bitching, is the same man HUBBY allowed to use a portion of the land for a garden FOR FREE when we weren't here. SO When the man brought the mess up Hubby reminded him that the piece of land he used needs to be put back the way it was. The man has since got it to the way it should be for the most part. But so much for being neighborly. 

In the end,the cop said he would make a report but nothing much else he can do. 

So this morning I moseyed on down to the Post office since the postal lady didn't stop yesterday to see about our mail. Here is how the conversation went:

I informed the Post Master about our mailbox not being up and requested any advice to put up the mailbox without it being able to be destroyed again. 

He advised I needed to be careful because if we have it in brick or cement and someone runs into it and gets injured or killed they could make us liable. 

I raised my hands and probably rolled my eyes. "But our box is being destroyed, twice in six months,; I exclaimed. 

 Post master repeats: "I am telling you someone gets hurt, you are liable I wouldn't put a very strong pole, brick or cement." 

So I asked him for an alternative.

He said I could rent a box for 32 bucks a year and be through with it. 

 I was flabbergasted and just outdone and asked, "Why should I have to fork up 32 bucks to rent a box? That means we have to come to the PO to get our mail WHEN the mail can be delivered at my home? 

I thought but didn't verbalize, "WTF!"

 He shrugged and said, "You don't have to check it every day."

He didn't get my point and I think this is all bullshit. I am so tempted to brick the damn thing or put cement and let someone try to destroy it and hurt themselves and see what happens. 

Out of all the mailboxes on this highway, we get ours destoryed. We are not at a corner. The box was where it was supposed to be.  

I did read the guidelines of putting up a mailbox and the PostMaster was right for the most part but I still think it is all BS when someone is intentionally knocking our mail box down.

Hubby and I only want a simple life. We don't bother anyone. We stay to ourselves. We pray together.  We have been trying to serve God. We have gone back to Church. I pray every single day and read Scriptures. I try to do right with God and I think I do a pretty good job. 


Nothing is ever easy. We feel like we are cursed.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Fell and Was Able To Get Upi

I had been hunkered down in my home feeling like a leper. I have had sores in my hands, mouth and feet. I was miserable. I finally got a diagnosis last week, ridiculously unusual as always for me. Doc said I have Mouth, Foot and Hand infection. Gee whiz. He said its viral and I could have gotten it anywhere. And my autoimmune disorder doesn't help matters. He gave me an example that totally grossed my child and I.  It's for another post.

Feeling like the four walls closing in on me I decided to take a walk about 100 yards to my mail box the other day. Our home is on a rather busy highway so vehicles are passing by at intervals.  As I opened the mail box a truck whizzes by and a postcard flies out.

CRAP (In the PG version)!, I yelled. To no one.

Let me remind you my balance is not normal. A fly can swish by and it'll knock me off my feet.
Okay maybe not that bad...but its pretty close. A small breeze certainly can knock me off balance.

If I should fall, it is difficult to get up if I don't have anything to help pull myself up with

Anyway, the postcard flies across the driveway landing near the edge of the ditch. So I half run/half jog to it. When I get to it I put my foot on it and realize I am in a predicament. I knew if I bent down to pick it up and a vehicle passes there would be a high probability I would fall.  I was also at a slight decline because the ditch was behind me which makes the probability higher.

There was a pile of overgrown brush inches away. As I scoped the vicinity around me, I took note that there is NOTHING to use or crawl to pull myself up if I did fall.

The thought of letting it fly away entered my mind but I knew Hubby was waiting for it as it was a confirmation of an event he is attending. I know he would have totally understood if I told him.

In addition, we have a problem with people throwing trash out their cars landing in our yard so I didn't want to add to the other neighbors littered yard.

Side Note; Please don't litter. I don't care where you are or whatever but even the hamburger wrapper, beverage cans or cigarette butts adds up. Just do NOT throw anything out your window. Think how would you feel if I would go throw trash in YOUR yard.

Anyway...I decide to go for it. Took a deep breath and ...counted..1..2..3...

I bent and fumbled..but was able to catch my balance, stand up and stabilize. Second time I bent and grabbed it picking it up.

So good so far..

Just as I was straightening a truck whooshed by. I FALL hands first into the pile of brush!

Funny, my first reaction was to look around to see if anyone saw me. No one was around. Pride intact.

I thought, "I am screwed"...then I felt the pricks, it seemed when I moved my hand the thorns dug deeper but I knew I had to get up. It reminded me of allergy skin testing but worse.

I kept saying I can do this. I have to do this. It would be an hour before Hubby returned and of course I don't want to be humiliated with someone seeing me on the ground.

So I took another deep breath. Scanned the highway both ways. I was in the clear.  So fumbling more after a few seconds I finally pushed myself up, turned around and quickly stumbled towards the house  gaining my balance more as I moved away from the highway. I probably looked like a drunk person with my wide gait and fumbling at first.

On second thought, that's probably how I look like anyway..just 4 times worse.

Its been BabyGirl's worst fear with me falling in middle of somewheres with nothing to pull myself up.

But now I know with determination and pride mixed in I know if there is a will there is a way.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

If You Had A WIsh

If you had a wish what would it be? Be selfish! If you had every resource (including money) available to you what would you wish?

Hubby and I laugh if we won the lottery, we would be set. Of course, the odds are against us because we don't play it regularly. But we do dream.

Yesterday, I was in a depressed mood and vented to a dear college friend. She is a genuine good person and friend that means a lot to me. She reminded me to think about what was good in my life.

I paused and thought of the many great things in my life. My great wonderful Hubby. My beautiful child. My family and friends. My new home.

But black clouds hovered and those dark thoughts kept seeping in. At one point I wished someone would come and just shoot me. Get my life over with.

I prayed to God thanking him for the good things. I also asked him what was the purpose of life if you can't live it to the fullest.

I started writing random things..and I thought if I had one wish what would it be.

Of course MONEY was the first thing. But I shook it off. That's too practical. Money doesn't solve everything (although it sure would help LOL)

Lately, I've been praying more than usual having a chat with God. Of course he only listens. I guess he is devising a plan to answer. I don't know.

I've been asking him why can't I just have ONE year of having any negative thing happening, especially medically or financially.

Every year of my 50 years it has been one thing or another medically. Unfortunately, it seems I need to resign myself that is not going to change. I have more moments of accepting it but there are moments I feel like enough is enough!

So at first I thought my wish would be just having a healthy life. Just everything I have vanish and I can  feel what it is to feel completely healthy. And I am not particularly saying my cerebral palsy. I mean my other medical stuff.

I continue to think. I finally came to my final decision.  I know I said to be selfish. But when I look back on my back and where I am now, it is all good. I have a loving husband and we have a home and we scrape by.

My wish would be to take all the pain BabyGirl has endured due to her father and I's divorce. I wish I could give her everything to make the rest of her life easier. I am not saying making her rich but just enough money to get her by comfortably. Give her a home so she won't have to worry about rent. Give her all the tools she needs to have a carefree happy life.

I know eventually, with her ambition and hard work she will be able to make her life better. I wish it will come to a point where she will be stress free and content.

That's my ultimate wish---for BabyGIrl to be happy, stress free, contest, have all of her dreams come true.

Share your wish if you would like or comment on mine.  Love to hear from my readers.