Tuesday, January 18, 2011



I've been a member of Book of the Month club for as long as I remember. The commitment is to buy two books at regular price in two years. I usually wait for a best seller to come down to buy it so it works for me.

Well in Deceember, I got an email stating that if I filled my commitment that month I would get a FREE book in January. They said I would get an email for the free book at the beginning of January.

January comes and I get an email stating my free book is here. So I opened the email and it states I get my free book with purchase of another book plus s/h. I stopped in my tracks and thought, “Wait a minute.” This is wrong. I remember clearly that it didn't state anything about buying another book for my free book.

So I emailed them stating that there was no additional purchase stated that was required for my free book. I pretty much told them if they didn't give me my FREE book they can cancel my account and explained to them how fraudulent that email was.

A generic response said the deal was buy one get one free plus shipping and handling.

I responded, if that was so I would have remembered. But I clearly remember it stating free book plus s/h. Nothing about buy one get one free.

Finally, a representative emails me asking for the name of the book and order number. So I sent them the information.

Voila! I received my free book with no shipping and handling costs. They knew they were wrong.

So I am back to being a happy customer!.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Formal Gown Dream/Thermostat Wars

I was trying to decide whether to wear jeans, a formal gown or a pant suit for a graduation. I have no idea what I was graduation for.

We were in the lobby of a huge stadium where there were dressing rooms. Some other graduates were running with me back and forth from the dressing room to the stadium. I don't remember anyone or can't describe them.

I had my best friend JoAnn and her ex Dennis come and I was so excited. I haven't seen Dennis in ages and don't care to. She has remarried since her divorce many years ago.

I ended up wearing a teal formal dress and remember looking for my mom for her opinion. I know she will tell me the truth about anything.

It seemed like a very short dream. I am sure other things happened but I don't recall them.

On another note, its freaking cold here. I live way South and not getting snow nor is it even as cold as some up north and in Ga etc.  My Love and I are having thermostat wars. I put it to 80 degrees and it doesn't come on that often. He comes home and lowers to 78. Two degrees shouldn't make all that difference but there are drafts in this apartment. 

I know I shouldn't complain as northerners are having it alot worse and even some southern states but that's why I stay South. I hate the cold. I'll take the hot and humid weather anyday. At least you feel like you can go and do something. You'll sweat like a pig but can always jump in a pool or throw some cold water on you.

When its frigid cold as its been, I just cant get warm. I am chilled to the bone. We had gumbo yesterday and it warmed me for a few hours. I've tried warm tea and hot chocolate. Only short term resolution. Not to mention this cold weather makes germs spread like wildfire. I am still not over my cough. However, My Love went to Wallyworld and found me some Robitussin gelcaps  that is suppose to work for 12 hours.

I hate taking cough syrup or any liquid medicine. The sweet tastes makes me gag, literally. So maybe I'll get a better sleep tonight.

Everyone stay warm and be safe.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's the Secret of followers?

I hope this finds you well. I had a bad bug during Christmas holidays, went to doc and took my meds. However, this cough lingers. I am tired of being tired from coughing. I get this dry cough that has a tickle in my throat. I have respiratory disease so this cough can stay with me for months after. I've tried hottie totties with and without alcohol, cough drops, cough syrup, decongestants and the only thing that works is Benzonate and of course it is not covered by Medicare. No cough syrup is covered by Medicare. I've tried OTC cough syrup and it doesn't work. GO figure. So I would have to pay 30+ for the Benzonate. I wait until at night to take it. Gotta make decision soon as I have one more left.

I just don't get this site. How do you get followers? I am following a few and have two followers (Thank you so much). I don't want to be in a popular contest. I just want some feedback and maybe make a friend here or there. I've read some with hundreds of followers and there blogs are not any better than mine. So what's the secret?

I do comment on  \other blogs and follow them.

This morning I had one of those "out there" dreams.  I was with 2 girls and a couple of men. We were at a hotel and I decided I was tired. We were all staying in one room that looked like a dorm room with 2 beds.

I got comfty in some pajamas with my snuggie and floppy slippers. I thought, "I'll get in the big bed, lay smack in the middle and no one will follow me." 

I climb into bed, settling in fetal position with my head sunk on a huge soft puffy pillow. I feel someone get on the side of me and I look and see one of the guys. He looked so familair. He was tall, dark and handsome with a 2 day old goatee. He snuggles against me and I ask, "What are you doing?"  He says, "Going to sleep." I give him a glare and lay my head back on my pillow when another guy who is faceless lays on the other side of me. I jump up in sitting position and say, "NOOOO, there is no sex..do ya'll get that?" They stare at me like they think I am crazy and said simutaneously, "No, we're going to sleep." I said, You touch me and..." I gave them a mean glare to finish off my sentence.

I go back into my fetal position and fall asleep with them against me. I thought, "Ooh this is cozy" and fell asleep.

Scene changes me waking up with tangled hair sticking up and drool dried on  the corners of my mouth. I stand on the bed then walk over the faceless one in the bed and go to the bathroom. Someone had moved all my toiletries and I started yelling at them. The dark handsome one wakes up and told me I was crazy. We argued but can't remember the rest. I woke up.

ANALYSIS:  My Love says I've been thinking of a threesome. NOT! We never discussed it nor am I interested.

Maybe since I thought it was cozy I was trying to get warm as it is freaking cold here lately and it doesn't look like its going to get any better soon.

I hope everyone stays warm!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cool Dream

Last night I had a different dream than my usual dreams. Thank goodness!

.I was younger, maybe a teenager. I had a red-haired friend that invited me for a sleep over. Her house was a huge house on a huge parcel of land with what seemed like two families. The house had an opened floor inside. The bedrooms were all in a row but with two halls horseshoe-shaped. They had a big farm with crops and animals. They ate off the land and never went to a store.

Each family had the same amount of siblings. Like one family had a 9 year old and the other family also had a 9 year old. There were 20 kids altogether. I was astonished and kept asking my friend questions repeatedly.

They were home schooled AND went to regular school part time. They each had a chore and did them without being told to or arguing. They were simple people with simple needs living in complete harmony. It wasn't a cult or commune. They were just happy. Everyone got along including the kids.

They had no modern technology. No TV. No Computer. No radios. Their toys were a hula hoop and wads of paper as balls. They would run after the animals trying to climb on them and ride. There was this long container like a trough that had water in it with a net over it. The net was like a volleyball net. The kids would dunk each other and have a blast.

I kept calling my mom asking if I could stay there forever. LOL.

Analysis: No idea LOL.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Marry Or Not To Marry

To Marry or Not To Marry

My Love and I have been living together going on four years When we met it had been a few years since our divorce from others and we were not ready at all. We knew we wanted to be together but we saw no reason to marry.

I was terrified and still am. I was married 24 years before I divorced my ex. After 10 years, our marriage just fell apart. I have my theories why but won't get into them now.

My Love and I have mentioned it and discussed it some from time to time.

I would love to get married to him. I do plan on spending the rest of my life with him.

Just recently he brought up marriage again. I didn't take it well the way he said it. We were discussing medical and dental. He said we could get married and I'd be on his insurance without any waiting period. I got defensive and just dropped the subject.

Here are my thoughts:

Religion: We're both Catholic. I was married in a Catholic church so in order to marry My Love in a Catholic Church I would have to get my other marriage annulled which means a lot of red tape and money. We don't need to get married in church we've decided. If we marry by Justice of the Peace, we're still not looked at as married in the Catholic Church's 'laws.” So in the religious aspect, according to the church, we are doomed. I believe that God loves us and wants the best for us. I think THE CHURCH as in POPE and whoever else makes the rules are way behind the times.

Financially: Well we decided to leave our income/expenses as they are now. Separate. Been there/done that with the uniting financially after marriage and I will never do it again. However as far as wills or deaths, it would be easier to for the us to be spouses to go through the legal aspects. I could get on his dental/medical insurance and it wouldn't be so financially straining on me.

Children: He never had kids and he does not want any. I have one and can't have any more. We're too old to think about adopting.

Parents: I know my mom would feel a relief as well as his concerning the religious aspect. My mom and dad would be happy for us and probably relieved that I have someone with me. They love Randal. His mom would probably have that sense of relief as well. I know she has issues regarding my disability but I think its from ignorance more than anything else.

I've secretly wished for about a year when a holiday comes around he would ask me. I want him to ask me to marry him because he loves me not because he feels it is time or for the insurance. I won't bring it up because I want him to come up with it himself.

I was reading an article on Tango that prompted me to write this. I've been thinking a lot about it.

The title of the article was “If He Really Wants to Marry You, He'll Put a Ring On it.” The author used Hugh Hefner situation as an example and it made me think. The girl he spent 7 years with wanted to get married but he kept saying no so she left. Two years later, he decided to get married.

It says that most women believe men are not ready to be married so they wait. However, they say if he wants to MARRY you, they will know it and do it. I understand men and women reach that place different times but the question is how long do you wait to realize they actually do NOT want to marry YOU.

I dated this man and God I loved him. We didn't want marriage at the time but I did want a monogamous relationship with him. He kept saying he wasn't ready and honestly told me he didn't know when or if he would ever be ready. I got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and moved on. Unsurprisingly, a few weeks ago he wrote that he thought he was ready for a monogamous relationship. I thought you Goddamn SOB! I was willing to give him the moon and stars.

So I don't know. My Love knows I love him and told him that I wasn't going anywhere. The thought occurred to me that when he brings it up, he might be testing me and trying to figure it out if I want to.

I do want to get married..for the right reasons.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cooky People

Where do I start? My Love tells me I have no patience when I do errands around town. Every time I go do something, I am always bitching. He is right. I hate shopping. I hate people who drive like they don't have a license. It is scarey to think they DO have a license to drive. Also, some people are just down right crazy.

Lets start with yesterday. Since her girlfriend was leaving for home I told her I would go help her bathe. So I get there and the bathroom she uses was unavailable since her roommate and guest hadn't woken up yet. So we decided to go do her errands.

Before we left I noticed the garbage overflowing and pizza boxes. It was gross so I gathered all the garbage and took it out on our way out. Actually the apartment wasn't too bad, typical college apartment except for the disgusting bathroom I'll talk about later.

We went to the bank and changed her account so her father wouldn't have access to it. He'll be pissed but who cares. I sure don't.

She had a seat belt ticket that she had to pay given by a State Trooper a month ago. She said she was getting off work at 3 am, drove out the parking lot, realized she had to put the seat belt on and when she grabbed it and looked up, flashing lights were behind her. She stopped and he told her he was citating her for no seat belt. She was honest and said she was putting it on. He gave it to her anyway. All there was on the ticket was a date etc but no instructions on where or how to pay. Does that make sense?

We had gone online at the State Trooper's site and there it stated to call the district's police department for information. She called and they told her what to do.

So we leave the bank and go to “Downtown”. The streets are weird. And its paid parking. It's the only area in this city with parking meters or towers, that I know of anyway. No where to be found was a regular parking space except for “VIP,”. After traveling in circles following signs, I made it to a parking tower. The lady told us to park on the 4th floor or higher. So as I am going up, I notice, there sure as hell have a lot of spaces for sheriff deputy. How may sheriff deputies does Lafayette have?

We arrived on fourth floor and I parked by the elevator. We take the elevator down where we came in from and walked 2 blocks to the Lafayette Parish Consolidated Building. Layla wanted to hold my hand and jaywalk. LOL. I told her no, so we crossed the roads and walked to the building.

She is always worried about me falling. I hate when she worries but feel proud that she has patience and cares so much. She knows if I walk a lot on concrete or broken sidewalks I have a high tendency to trip. She wanted to hold my hand getting up and off sidewalks. Some of those sidewalks are as high as the length of my calf. I just learned that nearby there is a place for a wheelchair to go down on so I find it.

We arrived on the fourth floor and found the department to pay for the ticket. The lady said they didn't take debit cards but with a check its a 3% charge. That is ridiculous so I just gave her the cash.

You would think we pay, and get receipt it'd be over right?

WRONG! We had to cross the street to the court house, she had to go the 3rd floor to show them it was paid. What ever had happened to computers or communication between the departments? Since we had camera phones, I kept the phones while she went.
It didn't take long. We made our long way back to my car. As we got out of the tower, the nice lady only charged us a quarter. Still think it sucks you gotta pay to park.

So we go to pay her tuition. I knew I should have went the way I wanted to go but I followed her directions and we kept having to take left turns which was illegal and when they weren't illegal, it was going the wrong way. I f I would’ve turned left it was a one way the opposite way I want to go. I finally parked in the information center. It took her an hour to pay the tuition as she said it was a long line.

We went eat and back to her apartment. I helped her bathe. I looked at the bathroom near her room. Where the other roommate before her never cleaned or it seemed. It was filthy. The roof had leaked and the mold and mildew was growing. Maintenance at that apartment complex is extremely lacking. I told her I was going to come today and clean it if she would use it and promise she would keep it clean.

We go to the bathroom she had been using with her current roommate and its filthy. All I could say was ewwwwwwwww....The roommate had not flushed the toilet and it was full of used tampons. WTF? Layla called her and the girl claims it wouldn't flush. So what was she going to do? Leave it until it was really stopped up. You don't put tampons down the freaking toilet!

We got the plunger and I flushed. Sure enough it was stopped up but I unstopped it. I bathed Layla in that bathtub against my good judgment. I do not know how they can sit in that bathtub. We had cleaned it so Layla could get in.

My morning started with going to Layla's apartment with a mask, Pine sol, SOS, and Scrubbing Bubbles. In my opinion, when Layla moved in,the room mate she was moving in with should have cleaned it. I don't care how gross it was. They just decided to use the other bathroom. Can you imagine another 4-5 years like that? They wouldn't get a deposit back for sure.

After I finished with the bathroom, it looked a helluva lot better and smelled so good. Layla appreciated it from what I can tell. I hope her roommate doesn't go ruin that one OR I am going to say something. After I talked with her for a while I left.

I went get me my last tire I needed. I now have four new tires. I now need to get my car aligned.

I then went to Wallyworld. I wonder about people working there a lot. I was looking for a pocket calendar for my purse. There were two stockers and a man in one aisle. I asked them where was a pocket calendar for my purse. One says, “The Electronics?” I look at her confused.

“A calendar,” I repeated. The other one impatiently repeats the other one, “The electronics. By the calculator.” The man was watching me. The first one starts walking explaining it was by the calculators and hand held games. I interrupted with frustration, “CA-LE-NDAR.” The ladies both say, “OH I thought you said calculator.” The man said, “I thought she said calendar but y’all were not going to listen.” (HIGH FIVE THAT MAN) I said, “Gee I know I have a mild speech defect but its NOT that bad.” The man directed me to the calendars.

So I finish my business in Wallyworld and go to the gas station. There were 4 islands, one was occupied on the other side when I drove up. I didn't see anyone around. I took my car off and was straightening my seat and grabbing my card to pay for the gas when this woman in a big ass SUV starts honking. I looked up and she was giving me the finger and screaming at me. I thought, “Crap, I am not going to run away from this. Don't know what her problem is.” There was this guy with her that looked like a skinhead. I still didn't care.

So I exited my car and this woman is idling screaming, “BITCH, you're in my f—ing way. Get out of the f---king way” I look around me to make sure she is yelling at me. I said, “What?” She starts cursing telling me I was in her way etc. My car was in front of the pump I was using. I told her she was crazy and I was there a few minutes before she came around. I started pumping my gas and she backed up and drove up to the island on the side. She was evidently sitting there cursing. I thought what is wrong with this woman. The man gets out, goes around the SUV looking at me. I was looking around to be totally aware of my surroundings. He said, “She is pissed because she wanted that pump.” I said, “Well I'm sorry but I was here before she was.” He asked, “Why didn't you just move?” I responded, “F--K YA'LL”. I was royally ticked off now. He said something I didn't hear. I had enough and ignored them. I finished pumping my gas and left.

As I was rolling out I realized that the bitch's gas tank was on the opposite side of the pump I was on.

You know what my friends? People are really going crazy.

I went to the post office and came home. I've had enough of strangers today. My next venture out is to bring Layla to doc Friday. Thank Gawd....TIS MY LIFE.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

At 10:30 last night, My Love and I were sitting in our chairs. I can tell he was tired from the physical work he has been doing for his job. I asked if we were staying up for the New Year.

He looked at me red-eyed and inquisitively responded, "I don't know. Are we?"

When I woke up yesterday I had nausea and I was weak. I hardly ate anything. (There went my four pounds I gained.) I believe it was just from doing too much with Layla Thursday. So I took him off the hook. I realized we were feeling the same thing and we went to bed. He was passed out in 2 minutes.

We slept through the fireworks. I set my alarm for 6:15 and it promptly went off. I got up and put the roast in the slow cooker and went back to bed and woke My Love up "Grin." At 7:30 we both got up and when I checked the roast it wasn't even hot. I figured out later that it wasn't plugged in all the way.

We realized we didn't have enough eggs for the cornbread and brownies so while My Love went to the store I called my mom and sister. My mom and dad said they were too old to want to celebrate a new year and they were going to eat whatever they had and stay around home.  They were thankful to make it another year though. HAHA.My mom and I caught up with everything. My sister was in one of her nontalkative moods. But she was sick. So I diddled daddled around the house.

Randal returned and he baked. I hate baking but don't mind cooking the old fashioned way on the stove. He cooks microwave-way and bakes. That makes us a team in my eyes!

The roast was cooking. I called Layla to see how she was doing. She sounded tired. Her girlfriend is leaving tomorrow so I asked her if she needed me to go help her during the week. She has this puffy sling on one arm so she is not suppose to move it. She actually said, "Yea, just so you can help me bathe." I was shocked. She rarely admits she needs help without my insistence.

Later she called me back and said the doctor had said she could take the bandages off on the third day which is tomorrow. She wanted to know if Krystal and her got back to her apartment, ate and bathed and it was past midnight, if she could take the bandages off.

I had to think what day it was because she has a tendency to confuse me to what she wants me to see. I sighed and answered,"Well since you are always technical with me I'll be technical with you. Technically, 3 days is around 11 am." I hear her groan. I added with caution, "What are you going to do after your bandage is off? Do you have the small bandaids to replace the big one?"

She excitedly answers, "Yes, I have them. We're going to sleep after and we probably won't be up until after 10 tomorrow." I inquired why she wanted to take them off earlier. She responded the tape was itching her. I had empathy and told her that as long as she applied the bandaids and keep it clean she should be okay.

I was surprised that she actually thought, called and asked before she did it. She usually just does what she wants to do. Maybe this surgery scared a little bit sense in her little scatterbrain she can have.

Anyway, our guest, my cousin K came over. We invited her because she and I reconnected on Facebook a couple of months ago. We got together for lunch a few times. I didn't want her to be alone and I enjoy her company. So she came and we enjoyed our lunch and visit.

Our lunch was traditional around here: Pork roast, rice, gravy, black eye beans, cole slaw and cornbread. She brought some wine. Dessert was Fudge brownies.

Although we had a nice holiday season, I am so glad the holidays are over. Time to get back to every day dullness. YEA! TIS MY LIFE