Thursday, September 29, 2011


On our way home from the hospital I told her we would see how she felt and if need be I would bring her to college and pick her up until her doctor's appointment. I set my alarm for 7 am but neither one of us wanted to get up. I would ask, "Wanna go to school?"

She mumbled, "No." So I rolled over and went back to sleep. We did this scenario about 4 times.

At 8:30, we got up and called the doctor's office. They gave her an appointment for Wednesday and said we had to bring her x-rays. So BabyGIrl called the hospital and told them we would pick them up.

She got to go one class and I picked up her records. The hospital is a NEWLY built hospital in a new location. The journey may be another post.

That night at 10:30. That is different for her because sometimes she doesn't go to bed until early morning.. She actually went to bed without me coaxing her. I went shower and she was in the bed when I cam out. She said she didn't sleep well but I sure did!

Oh yea, that evening I received an email from IDIOT. I knew it was not good but I read it. The gist of it was that as of Jan 1st, he was dropping her health insurance but he'll keep the dental and vision. First thought is why is he telling me this. She never got an email. I never responded or acknowledged. He never responded to mine.

Tuesday, we did the college thing. We did absolutely nothing that evening  I was relieved. We went to bed around 10:30-11. I kept dreaming of her wreck as if I was there.

Wednesday, we went to the doctor. When the nurse called her name and we were walking down the hall, the staff jokingly said, "No! Not again!  Everyone was oohing and ahhing. I was getting pretty tired of hearing this sorta thing.  Maybe details another post.

Doc said nothing ruptured etc. She needs to do her exercises as they gave her a choice of PT or do them herself. She knows what they are. The nurse said she doesn't see any reason why she can't drive. He told her to use the sling for six weeks. Gave her a go for normal activities.

We went get her moped and she is on the road again. "SIGH" However, she has promised me and her father that she was only going to go to school and work. No highways.

She sorta threw at me what i used to tell her. You fall, get up and go again. Please extend your prayer list to my daughter indefinitely.

I am now tired and worried. This apartment is sorta quiet now. MyLove is returning home tonight and I have him until Monday YAY!

Her BFF wrote her this when she heard. "You don't just need a bubble. You need a helmet, full body padding (like a space suit but full of padding) and then you need an emergency ejection with a parachute attached with a mattress following you. Then you need a bubble."

I love her! LOL!

Side Note: Has anyone used the New blogger interface? It's pretty cool. Watch out Wordpress!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Part II: Moped Throws Baby Girl Off

                                        Just one of her BooBoos on her hip!

You came back to see the continuation! I am crazily happy! If you wanna get caught up you can read Moped Throws BabyGIrl Off!

When Idiot and his Wife arrived which was only a few minutes after me, so they probably zoomed as fast as I did.

They entered the ER room and the Wife immediately went up to BabyGirl with worry on her face Wife  hugged her and asked if she was okay. The Idiot, I think his first words were, "And you had shorts." I may be blurry about that one but that was it. He stood next to me and never said hello or even go to hell. I do not claim what he was thinking as he stared. But from history, he was thinking of the doctor bills she just incurred on him.

After it was unchallenged that I was taking her home with me, I asked what we were gonna do about the moped. I don't know if it was shock or not hearing me or what. No one answered. I asked again and Wife looks at him and they were talking to each other. It was like, "Hello??"

She looked at me and said, "I don't know." Turns to him and echoed my question. I tend to forget he is hard of hearing sometimes with everyone talking or a lot of noise. (Really he is, not a joke) For some reason people who don't know me can't understand me when I speak at first. However, he knows me but the dollar signs were probably reeling.

He responded, "I don't know." It is like he didn't want to deal with it or something. So the impatient person I am, said, "Well if you don't do anything, I'll call my dad in the morning to ask him to get her Moped with his trailer."

It clicked for Wife. They discussed him bringing his trailer to pick up the moped. Finally they said he would go get the moped in the morning in which he did. However, he couldn't bring it to BABYGIRL's apartment because the trailer wouldn't fit in the narrow alley you have to drive through so he brought it to his house.

I have another option he could have used but I will give him credit for doing that and won't say anything else about it at this time.  The moped is safe and that is all that counts.

Stay Tuned Part III--Next Day Exhaustion.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sunday night,  around 10:30 pm after turning into my jammies I was putting my phone on vibrate when my phone rang. I see BabyGirl's girlfriend's number and name on my phone. My heart dropped. I answer. I'll call BabyGirl's Girlfriend "K". The first thing she said was "Layla is okay but she is in ER." or something like that. I can't remember the exact words. So she proceeded to tell me that she dislocated the same shoulder she has had surgery on and she is okay. After getting a few details Layla got on the phone crying. I told her I was coming.

She said, "You don't have to." I said, "Yes I do."  Like I won't go..Are you serious?

So I dressed and got into my car driving down Evangeline Thruway to I-10 and then to Ambassador Caffery. Thank God I caught most green lights and there wasn't traffic! My mind was reeling with alot of thoughts! I couldn't panic I kept saying to myself.

I finally got to OLOL ER and they directed me to BabyGirl. She was sitting up in the bed with her finger pulse hooked up and her arm in a sling her face red and teary. "K" was sitting at the bedside talking calmly to her.

BabyGirl explained to me that being careful she put her brakes on too fast at the corner of Hwy 90 and Ambassador Caffery and the moped slid out from under her. A friendly Honduras man saw her and stopped. I wish she would have gotten that man's name so I could personally thank him. She called 911 as she was in pain. The cop and ambulance arrived and they transported her to the hospital.

Luckily the cop was in a good mood and didn't ticket her. He put the Moped in a parking lot of a business and tagged it.

As she was telling me Idiot and his wife arrived. "GROAN" 

Doc came in and explained her arm was dislocated, they sedated her to pop it back in. They had done an x-ray. The ER doc told her to see her orthopedic doctor and gave her a prescription painkiller.

(Or maybe the doc came in then her father..It's blurry)

As we waited for discharge the discussion was where are you going. "K" said she could go back to the apartment and stay with her because roomie was away. Regardless,  I took control and said, "She is coming home with me." I told her "You are coming with me"

I don't recall any objections except hers. Hers didn't matter at that point.  She was in no shape to argue.

She will heal. As I said her arm is in sling, or maybe I didn't. She has scrapes and bruises many places. The only thing that has been bothering her is her neck. I have been massaging the knots.

I've been bringing her back and forth to college. Even went to her Stat Psych study group last night and it was boring but analzying the kids were interesting though!

I made her miss work Monday and today. She didn't need to be working without doctor's permission and her arm in sling although she has done it before. I found it was just too much emotional crap that went on and she shouldn't be there. She cried and whined saying she needed the money. I can understand that but still no do! We did got to her workplace and talked to a manager. She seemed to be understanding. Tough Luck if not.

I am bringing her to the doctor tomorrow morning.
Stay tuned if you dare to see what conversation Idiot and I had (Which was hardly any) and the rest of the story :).

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm sure all of you are familiar with Facebook. I am also one of the 800 million active members!

It has its advantages and disadvantages. We can keep up with all our family and friends.It is amazing to see your former classmates there where you would otherwise have no idea what happened to them etc.

If you like games, there are a slew of them. MyLove and I were obsessed with Farmville. Frontierville, until our computers acquired a virus from them. They actually slowed our computers as well. One thing we didn't care for was needing friends to move on to the next level.After a while,  I realized it was frustrating me more being fun. So I blocked most games, except for my ITOUCH games which I can't play because its stuck. Another story.

Recently, Facebook made some changes. There will always be people either loving them or hating them. I actually like some of the changes. I can still have people as friends but not have to put up with the status feed of videos, links and pics. If I want to see them I can just go to their web page and see them. There were too many days I had to sift through my statuses to get to what I wanted.
 I can handle one or two videos or links but a whole page? C'mon folks!

Now nearly EVERYTHING is connected to Facebook. On TV, you always hear check out our Facebook page. I am sick of it! I am a freebie junkie but noticed lately I have to go to FACEBOOK and LIKE to get the freebie. It is very annoying because once you LIKE the page you get unwanted updates/statuses.

I understand the reasoning of the companies or persons wanting us to LIKE their page. Its advertising.

It also amazes me that you can connect everything to Facebook. Like you can connect to Facebook from Yahoo etc.  I don't like that much. . I have attempted to connect My Blog to Facebook but its not working on one end. I'm sure its the incompetent technical side of me.

FACEBOOK has had some problems with privacy etc in the past. I often wonder, what if something goes wrong? What happens if part of their system shuts down or better yet their whole system?

I've had hackers get into both My FACEBOOK and YAHOO email but luckily there is nothing they can do harm me unless they figure out where I live, and come kill me which something like this has happened, I'm sure.

Anyway, I've been wanting to write about this and read your views.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting if you do so!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

God Give Me Strength

I know I said I wasn't going to waste my blog writing about the negativity my ex brings. But I guess its theraapy to write. Also my readers support me and give me useful advice sometimes. I would love everyone to read my blog but if some don't or don't want to put their two cents, its their choice. I'm okay with that.

About a week or so my ex called me. Here's how it went. Phone rings, my ID shows Idiot(HIS LAST NAME). Yes I DO have that on my phone.  I sigh but curiousity seeps in and answer, "Hello".

He responds, "Hello, how are you?"

I mistakenly ask, "Okay, you?

 He responds with the answer resembling fingernails scratching on a blackboard, "Oh you know,  living in paradise."

I bite tongue and say, "So, what do you want?"

I could tell he was trying to word it nicely so he started, "Do you know about BABYGIRL buying a moped?"

I say, "Yea."

He then asks, "Do you know she is planning on going to Houma to see (Her GIrlfriend)?

I said I did.

He then says, "How do you feel about it?"

I said, "Well, she is 19 and..." DIAL TONE. Every damn time he calls me or we try to talk, he hangs up on me. Lately his wife has been mediator." Poor soul. If he would have allowed me to finish, the rest would have been "I have concerns too."

But, I having faith in all people, have this false hope that it was just a disconnection and he'll call back. Right?

I wait for about a minute and call his phone. His wife answers. I was taken aback which really I shouldn't have been. But anyway, I said I called (Asshole's) phone. She said, "I know but you hit a nerve!"

Patience wore out and I went off, "Me, hit a nerve? I could not say anything. Listen to me." I went over exactly what transpired. She said, "Well I don't know". I heard noise in the background that told me I was on speaker.

She gave me their concerns which equates to mine but as I said, "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? She is out from under our roofs. She is technically an adult." She proceeds to plead their case and I knew exactly where she was coming from but they were like me, had no answer.

WIFE and I had a civil conversation. Before I hung up, I told THEM since we were seperated, every single time (NO EXAGERRATION here) he called me, he hangs up on me and I AM TIRED of it. SHE apologized for him and I DID NOT accept it. I told her I pitied her because she is yet to see the side of him that caused us to divorce.

She shared what their attempts of resolution would be. I just told them to do what they thought needed to be done. I thought as I was hearing what she was proposing that they're going at it the wrong way.  But didn't offer any advice. It was more like uh huh, hmm..We ended the conversation shortly there after.

After I hung up I thought about the whole conversation. We all have legitimate concerns. I worry  and put her in God's hands. She knows my concerns and she knows I am always here for her.

I also thought about IDIOT. I thought why do I keep letting him in my life? There is NO reason to talk to him anymore . She is an adult. I hope when I see his name on my phone again I have the strength to just let it ring.

Do Not Allow Him In My Life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No Ambition or Focus

I have not been writing as I would like to. I cannot focus. Have you ever aimed to get to one page then you never end up where you wanna be because you see another link and go there instead?  Well, that's what I have been doing lately, if I surf at all. I check my email, play a PC game then I lose interest.  The past week I can feel that deep black hole trying to suck me in.

I just read a FB friend say she is bored out of her mind. It's get up, school, go to bed and do it over again. My problem is I get up, get on the computer, do chores, go to bed and start over again. I think what can I do to occupy my time while MyLove works. Lately, he has been working long late hours. I have little money. I hate driving,  I have no ambition. I am still waiting for the Big Brother/Big Sister to match me with a Little.

Yes, I could clean apt, laundry etc and I do but I also have the MAJOR Don't Wants!

I do think I know the cause of the black hole seeping in. See, I went have the annual exam women do every year. I FINALLY remembered to show doc what the hormonal patch did to my skin. He looked at the site and said, "You look branded." That was a perfect way of putting it!

He changed my patch to a smaller dose to have a smaller patch. So for those who use a hormonal patch, if the site is red and itchy, you are having a reaction! I knew that being that I was a nurse but I kept forgetting to tell him. I don't think the new patch is working though (UGH).

I have Fridays (some), Saturday and Sunday to look forward to because MyLove is off work. I also have Wednesdays to look forward to because its My BabyGirl and I's day. Thinking about it, that's a lot of days but one of those days are taken away from me and MyLove because on one of his days off, he goes deal with his land. I don't go because of the heat and my allergies.

I had lunch with a long lost friend today. It was great to see him! I usually have lunch with my cuz regularly but it just hasn't happened with the financial stuff.

So anyway, I apologize. I will catch up one day. Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday was MyLove and I's anniversary. Four years ago, we met. I saw right off, he was DIFFERENT. About 9 months later we moved in together.

I almost didn't answer his email in SinglesNet right away. I had a lot going on at the time. He was on the back burner.  The guys I had been meeting were such idiots and liars.  I was at the point I thought I would never meet a decent guy who wanted the same as I did.

But two weeks after I received the email, I called him. I wasn't sure if he remembered me which for a second he hadn't. He said he had so many that didn't respond to his emails that he hadn't had second thoughts about it.

He worked faster than others asking me if I wanted to meet soon. I was taken aback because usually the men I met online took forever to ask to meet or I was not comfortable enough to meet them at such a short notice. I did have a dating regimen I followed when talking to someone online then meeting them. However, we met a week after our phone call. We closed down the City Park talking. The rest is history, as they say.

I love that he talks as much as me.  I love the times we can just sit for hours, talking about everything and anything.

I love we can be in comfortable silence. We can be in the same room all afternoon and not talk to each other.

He's sweet, kind and loving. He accepts me for who I am. He has tailored his fast walking to walking my pace.

He is a genuine MAN. He is comfortable in his own skin that he doesn't need to present the Macho crap.

He has seen me at my lowest. His arms around me and his shoulder to cry on is all that is needed sometimes.

He has seen me sick and did what he could to make me feel better. He brought me to the ER when I needed and stood by me the whole time. He has taken care of me.

He makes me laugh, laughs with me and sometimes at me, but that's okay. I do stupid stuff LOL!

He makes me feel wanted, love and accepted.

He is dependable but allows me to be independent.

We had chemistry from the day we saw each other.. His voice, balding white hair and shining eyes drew me in the first time I laid my eyes on him.

I have given him chances to move on. I've told him I knew I was a handful and nothing is ever the same with me.  He stays and reassures me that he is here for the long haul.

My Sister who has never said much about the men who have passed through our lives told me, "I LIKE HIM! He is a good MAN! She is right.

May we have the rest of our lives together. I love MYLOVE!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


No one likes to talk about death. But it should be talked about. It is not the happiest thing to talk about but death will come to us all.

In less than 24 hours, I have been informed of two deaths. One is my bestest online friend's mother and my brother-in-law's father. They were both sick.

I believe that they are in a better place without pain and suffering. They are watching over their families. They will be missed by their families and everyone who has met them will have at least one memory of them.

 My parents used to tell my sister and I when they died, where their important papers were and in their will they have everything split in the middle. We used to hee haw saying we didn't want to talk about it. I think the reason is because we just didn't want to phantom the idea of them dying.

When I was married to my ex, and especially during the period of being gravely ill, I used to talk to my ex about what I wanted if I died.He would tell me to stop talking about it but I wanted my wishes to be known! I didn't want to be cremated and didn't want my body to be put into a 'cardboard box." When I would tell him I didn't want to be on life-support if that is just keeping me alive, he would brush it off so I told my parents. I had a living will written which I really need to redo.

I didn't know my bestest friend's mother as I never met him or his mother. We are miles apart but knowing him (Yes, I do know him although we never met. He knows more about me than anyone else in this world. One of these days we will meet.) I know his mother was a wonderful person. She raised a wonderful son and I know he spent alot of time with her.

I saw my brother-in-law's father numerous times. He was gruff and loud on the exterior but he was a sweet kind man underneath. He was one of those people that he would give the shirt off his back. He was a firm believer of God. He would make me laugh every time I saw him.

After you read this, if you are at odds with a family member, make amends as you will never know when one of you will be gone from this earth. Turn to your loved one and hug them. Talk about what you want when it is your time to go. Because that day will come eventually.

Monday, September 5, 2011


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day!

I was on a path of writing regularly than SLAM! I started a few but threw them in draft. My thoughts are all scattered. Let me just tell you recent events.

I got my disability check BUT not last month's. So I am in the system once again. I am still contemplating if I want to get a lawyer to see what I can do or just chalk it up to the government and leave it alone. I don't give up easily but what the lawyer would charge would probably take what my check is worth plus more. 

Last week My BabyGirl and I had a sleepover. We had our weekly outing. Since  MyLove was out of town and she seemed to be alone I asked her if she wanted to come spend the night. So she packed up and we came here. We watched two movies, talked and I put her to bed around 10:30. It was hard to do but I told her to take the phone off. We woke up and I brought her to college.

After her morning classes, I picked her up and brought her to the apartment so she can get her bike and ride back to college for her evening class. I enjoyed my time thoroughly and didn't want to let her go.

A while back I was searching YouTube for a country singer my daughter had mentioned. However, the suggestions on the side grabbed my attention. If any of you have not seen Annoying Orange you gotta see this. OOps I tried putting it below but it kept going where it is now.

There are various videos featuring Annoying Orange. The laugh is wicked. It is cool the way the creators have the mouth move to the script. I cringe every time the knife comes even though I know it is going to happen. I now have to have my "Orange" fix every day.

I also have joined a couple of groups on Facebook. One only accepts people with cerebral palsy. It is astonishing to see so many people with the same difficulties and although our lives are different, we have some similarities. It is nice to be able to know somone ACTUALLY knows how certain situations make you feel.

I also joined a "Remember When you Lived On" ...:.and it states the little island I grew up on.  It is remarkable how many people lived there before we did and after. We remind each other the little things we had forgotten. We remember the people that have touched our lives. We remember our adventures we had: Going to the sandpit, swimming in the bayou, stopping for the alligators to cross and much much more. Everyone remembered chasing the train man and he throwing candy to all of us. We remember our field trips, the little school we went to etc.

Most of all we realize  how special that island was to grow up on. We never thought we would be reminisicing living there. It was a true beautiful place to live.

 I used to wish there was a place like it to raise my daughter. But there will never be a place like it.