Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lost In Space

I am in what seems to be a high school auditorium watching Martial Arts competitions. We are all in shiny knight's armor. It seems there are teams represented by the colors of white, red and blue. Looming above there are ominous white skulls with black holes instead of the eyes. They look like the aliens on Lost In Space.

The people are my BabyGirl's former karate friends, their instructors and strangers. The crowd is applauding and shouting encouragements to those in competition. I look around and see a baby in a carrier on a nearby table. I walk towards it and as I near it I see it. It looks like Dobby, the house elf in Harry Potter with its long pointed nose and huge pointed ears. I start talking softly to it and it whispers something. I don't understand. A voice hisses,"It needs a bottle." I look around seeing no one. I look back at the baby and spot the bottle behind the carrier. It is as big and shaped as a rocket. It is filled with thick sandy colored liquid. I pick up the life-size bottle and place the nipple in its mouth and it starts sucking.

In the interim, Sensei R comes and tells our team, we won and we each get $300. I am excited! I think I can do great things with this money. He hands each of us our checks in a large brown envelope. I see the check is written in my name. Seconds later, as I am putting it in my armor's pocket, a skull smaller than the others as if it is a child, tells me he needs to take them all back. I protest!  No! I need this money!

I glance towards the Baby and it is miraculously rapidly growing into a beautiful angelic blond child by the second! The story of The Ugly Duckling comes to mind.

I start hearing odd screeching noises followed by screams of terror. I see chaos as I turn. People are  running aimlessly  like a stampede of bulls. As the skulls soar through the air they are rapidly throwing double size adapter-like devices with attached cords. The devices are being thrown as if they are ropes cowboys throw in rodeos. The device lands and explodes seconds later! People within 5 feet of the explosion vanishes into thin air! The evil skulls multiple and the humans are unsuccessfully trying to fight back with sabers and guns.

I frantically look around me trying to figure out what to do. A skull spots me. I start to run. As my legs move I feel the cord slam into my back then twists around my body. I am trapped! I try to untangle myself from the cord. Whoosh...I finally wake up the last time from this dream.


It's been a while since I've written about my dreams. I haven't been remembering many. But last night I kept waking up during this dream. I hate dreams like this one!

I fall back to sleep. BabyGirl and I sitting at a conference table with our pulmonologist, Dr. H. Dr. H is a soft gentle doctor who has taken care of the both of us for several years. Of course, BabyGirl is about 6 or 7 years old. It never fails that she is younger when I dream about her.  She has the same sassy animated attitude in my dream as she had when she was that age in real life.

Dr H: Do you use the inhaler I gave you?
BabyGirl: No!
Dr. H. Why not?
BabyGirl in her girlish high tone sarcasm voice: "Well I don't need it!!! Duh!!!"
Dr. H. bursts out laughing. He has this uncharacteristic boisterous laugh as he slaps the table.

I interrupt this nonsense and ask him if he could refill mine. Dr H continues to laugh.

I wake up!


My Analysis:

BabyGirl and Dr. H: I wonder why I always dream of BabyGirl younger than she is. Maybe I subconsciously wish she was young again so I can do things differently?

I am bringing her to see him this week and do need to ask him for a refill of my inhalers so that dream makes sense.

Skull Dream: I watched Lost in Space last night and the very same aliens were in my dream. The 300 bucks, have no clue..I always can use money. The Dobby Baby I have no clue.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving-5 days til Vegas

Yes, it is coming fast! I am so excited. I have two responses to my request for Guest Posts while I am gone. I have 5 more fill ins if anyone should want to submit one. It can be about anything your little heart desires! Thanks to the two who have submitted!

I've been fighting whatever everyone else is fighting, nasal congestion and feel blah! You know how you are not sick but just feel icky? That's me!

I hope everyone had a safe and nice Thanksgiving as we did. I decided to play nice and had my time with BabyGirl so she could go to her dad's on Thanksgiving Day.  MyLove and I went to his family for Thanksgiving.It was really nice.

Before I met MyLove, there was a time when I dreaded holidays. I had to share BabyGirl with her dad. It is the worse kind of feeling to have a holiday gathering with someone missing. We shared fairly.  My sister would go to her in-laws that left Mom and Dad and I. Mom cooked once. One time we went eat a resturant. I know they did it for me so I wouldn't be alone.

When MyLove came along, things just changed. Mom and Dad was relieved of the feeling of having to do something for us. I know they never felt that way! They had an idea how hard it was for me to be alone so they attempted to fill the void and they succeeded.

MyLove and I's relationship is the first relationship I've had  to think about his family. My ex had no family so I didn't have to worry about juggling schedules to see everyone. Luckily, it all came into place and has done so since we have been together.

Stay tuned for my Guest Posts starting Dec 2nd.

Although I do plan on blogging throughout the month I want to wish everyone  a Merry Christmas and Safe Holidays. Drive defensively! Don't drink and drive!

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Car

If you having been following my blog, you know I've had many problems with my Saturn. MyLove also had trouble with his 20 year old car but he bought him another used car this past summer. At one point, we were talking about buying two cars as mine was 10 years old and costing lots of money. 

He kept asking me what kind of car I would want. I told him at this point, anything that just gets me where I wanted to go but it had to be automatically. I have no clue about what is the best car and even what was out there.

A week after he bought his new car, he had problems with it and was not happy. He continued to look at cars online. I assume from what he said he was looking to see if he could find him a better deal.  He would see a few cars and point them out to me and I would say cool or some other comment.

.My Saturn's warning lights had been going on and it drove rough.. My bearings absolutely needed to be changed but I just kept praying it would last longer. I have no means to buy a car nor finance one.

Thursday, he told me he wanted to go look at some cars the next day and see if he can find a good deal.I told him he had to go alone because I had plans with BabyGirl. When I returned that afternoon, he asked if I wanted to go see two cars. He had talked to the salesman at the dealership and test drove them but I needed to go see which one I would rather.

I was surprised and asked him why me. He said because it was going to be my car. We knew alot of things had to be done to the  car. It will also help him with his credit history. I was like OMG I am going to get a car that I can get in and not have to hope it starts or doesn't strand me!

I'll spare you the details of negotiating with the salesman and the nitty gritty of it all.  I hate buying a car because of all the BS salespeople give you. The dealership we went to is a very reputable company around here. I dealt with them LONG time ago with my ex's truck and they left no good impression. They still don't but I don't think any dealership has or ever will make a good impression.

I test drove a 2006 Honda Civic first. It was so much smoother and bigger. I told MyLove I could get used to it. He and the salesman then suggested I try the 2009 Chevrolet Aveo. I had seen a car like it and heard of it but as I am with other cars, have no clue.

My butt hit the seat and it was like magic..It felt better. I test drove it and decided I wanted that one. MyLove figured I would want that one because it was smaller.  It's  the same blue as my Saturn was.This is not the picture of my actual car but its what it looks like.

It only has 30,000 miles on it, it has automatic locks which I will have to get used to and a sun/moon roof.

So now we should be on the road for a while without holding our breath that something is going on. We are grateful and thankful that the dealership was able to work with us.

I am so lucky to have MyLove! I thanked him more than once this weekend. He has no clue how that thoughtfulness has made my life just that much easier. Well, maybe he does. But it's hard to explain...

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

PART 2-Altercation--I Stand Corrected!

My apologies to the ones I've left hanging waiting for the next post. I have been really busy and I will some day tell you about it.

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Now onto my promised post.

If you missed my  last post it was my BabyGirl and I's day. She lives in an apartment complex.There parking lot on the north and south sides are like one lane alleys. The parking spaces are in the direction of the way you would be coming in. So logically, you would think the alley were one ways right?

I always enter on the South side as that is the way the parking spaces are by her apartment. There was also a ONE WAY SIGN on that side but none on North side. I assumed these alleys were one way because what idiot would come from the other way> They are so narrow it would be difficult to make a short turn to park, unless you backed into it.  Almost every time I go in or come out, some moron tries to come in or out the opposite direction. I think, "C'MON people, its common sense!" Right?

This particular day I was coming out and this white van was trying to cross the highway to come into the alley. I was trying to take a right but traffic was coming. The van was driven by a Bertha Butt woman transporting people to and from work..

Bertha Butt proceeds to try to cross and come into the parking lot..There was no where for her or I to go. A saturn-van stand-off began and we stare. I gestured my hands raised palms up looking at her saying "Where in the hell are you going?"

She proceeds to turn sharply into the next door's apartment and GETS OUT of her van. She is yelling  but I can't hear her so I roll down my window.  I remember vaguely BabyGIrl  saying MOM, don't. Just let it go."

I said, "NO, she is going the wrong way!" And I yell this to the woman.

She screamed profanity and I kept saying, "You are going the wrong way!'

We yelled back and forth. She starts threatening to beat my ass

She said, "I know I am going the wrong way, but raising your hands pissed me off bitch. I;d beat your ass."

I was getting ready to get out of my car as I was not going to let her intimidate me. BabyGirl was pleading, "Mom she is going to squish you!"

I started opening my door continuing to make my point, "YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!".

Bertha Butt got back in her car and I went along my way. As I was finally getting into traffic, I heard her peel out, honk her horn and call me BITCH again.

I wanted to go around to take her license plate down to call her supervisor but BabyGirl kept saying, "Calm down..No Mom. Just keep going."

I thought later, she knows how to diffuse me pretty good.

Anyway I always have wondered if it was a one way or not So I went to the website and filled a form asking who that sign was for and if it was a one way a Here is the correspondence.

 I am sorry about the confusion concerning the one way sign at the south entrance.  The sign was placed there by Uncle Bob’s Storage next door, it was intended for their business driveway.  I asked them today to remove their sign because it was causing so much confusion.  So it is now gone.

My response to that was:
 Thanks for responding. I assumed it was a one way not only because of the sign but because of the narrowness of the alley and the direction of  the parking spaces . Two cars can barely pass at the same time going different directions.
Just the other day as I was coming out from the north side, a woman in a van was trying to come in and I couldn't get out because of traffic. However, she turned and we were head on until she swerved into the parking lot next door. She proceeded to get out of her van yelling and we exchanged words. There was no where to go with her big van and my little Saturn.. 
Logically, I thought the "alley" ways were one way  because of the way the parking spaces are the same direction as the entrances. It would be difficult to park coming the other way. However, I stand corrected and now I know. Thanks for taking the time in helping me understand it.

Her last response was:

Thank you Lisa for responding.  Yes that entrance is narrow, actually they both are.  I have thought of changing it to be one way (one way in and one way out).  I may give that some more thought.  If we would change it I would notify the residents.

So there you go folks! I was wrong! But now I know!  I often wonder what these architectures and who plans these roads, parking lots etc were thinking when they designed it that way. Hell, what do I know!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pharmacy Savings!

I had a post half written since Wednesday and I have no idea what is wrong with me. I have been so forgetful and scatterbrained all day. (No sarcasm necessary LOL)

I have a question. Why do doctors make us fill out the long form with our pharmacy etc when they don't pay attention?????

Wednesday was my BabyGirl and I's mother/daughter day. With the whole mess of my bank if you have been keeping up, I was so afraid to do anything with my accounts so I put off getting my meds until that day.
On my way to meet her I stopped at my pharmacy to pick up my medications for the month. I had refills and two new prescriptions that were electronically sent by my endocrinologist. I will start calling him Dr. S. 

There are two CVS' on this particular street. My pharmacy is the Pont De Mouton/Moss Street The other is Moss Street/Willow St CVS. They are about 1-2 miles apart. I wrote the phone number AND address to the pharmacy on the form at the doctor's office. When doc told me his plan I emphasize that there was two and which one was mine. He even repeated Pont de Mouton!

I get to the pharmacy and my favorite pharmacy cashier was working. He is in early 40's male standing medium height, with greying goatee and alopecia. He is a very nice guy, always joking with me but yet professional. I have never seen him without a SMILE on his face. 

After noting there were two prescriptions missing he rechecked and said the two new ones were at the other CVS. "BIG SIGH" He suggested that it would be faster just for me to drive there and get it and instructed next month to call them to have it transferred to there. I had to agree. 

As I was getting ready to pay for the medicines that were at that location with one of my NEW unprinted checks, he told me they didn't accept unprinted checks. "SIGH" After discussion of their policy and a confirmation from his manager I had to leave without my medicine. 

I thought, why can't doing a task as simple as getting my meds be easy.

I went to the bank and got cash but I proceeded to start my day with my AWESOME LOVING BABYGIRL!

After a wonderful day with BABYGIRL, on my way home later that evening, I stopped at the OTHER CVS and picked up my two new medications. 

I always walk down the aisle with Ensure to check out the price hoping I catch it on sale. It finally happened..Two six packs for $13.99 but with a  coupon it came to 11.99..YAY!! I was so excited.

Also, I got this pharmacy discount card in the mail. I am eerie about things that are free. My Vitamin D2 is not covered by my insurance so I thought what can it hurt to try, right? 

It took them a while to call it in but it was worth it because instead of paying $26.35 I paid $16.24! And the other medication i take for leg cramps at night that I've had to pay full price was 10 dollars less. I was SO EXCITED..

So, if you don't have medications that isn't covered by your insurance,I highly recommend. Here's the site: Pharmacy Discount Card. There is no sign up or registration fee. 

So all in all, I was finally able to save $ on my meds and got a month's worth of Ensure for half the price...YAY..

Stay tuned for my almost altercation with a stranger as she was a royal BIOTCH but my BABYGIRL told me she was going to squish me LOL.

One more thing..I will be away from the computer for the first week of December. If anyone wants to write a GUEST POST please send it to me at my yahoo email ( It can be about anything you wanna write about! I have never done this before but I thought it would be interesting! I would appreciate it..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bank Saga Climax

It was an early morning rise again today. I checked my account online and it looked all back to normal. So I arrived for Rick and I's scheduled appointment. He was cheery.  Thankfully, he delivered on his promise.God does answer at time of need sometimes!

We spent some time going over every thing that was wrong and made sure it was all set straight. He had 2 original letters along with two copies and he showed me that he has one ready to mail to the company that they returned my check. All the NSF fees were cleared and deposited into my account. His offer was 200 bucks. I had no idea what to expect so I agreed. He immediately deposited the money into my account. It is so nice to see my account back in good standing. I got some cash, we exchanged our goodbyes and I left. I walked out the bank and a big whoosh just fell over me! It was like a 100 ton rock was lifted off my shoulders.

I proceeded to go to the DMV and renewed my driver's license without any problems nor a long wait.

I went to the NEW bank to open my account. The lady who was there yesterday was not there so another lady Malyn took care of my business. I don't know if this is an omen or not. She had a file on me that the other lady had made. She set me up and she told me I could call SS to get my auto deposit changed. That drew me aback and I informed her that the other lady, Henrietta had said she would call SS and I would have to answer questions but it could be done at the bank. Snootily, she said, "Well I am the only one opening accounts as the other gentleman is in a meeting so you have to call Social Security as I have no time." I was stunned!

My thought process was I am a new customer, you should make a better impression than this BS." However, I smiled and said fine. I figured I will get a survey and will definitely write my thoughts. She was nice but sorta snooty. Reason why I didn't just walk out was I realize everyone has a bad day as I have had lately and everyone else I came into contact with was warm and friendly.

I returned home and called SS. First, I tried the automated service 3 times, it kept saying they couldn't understand what I said.  I do admit I have a slight speech defect and my sss's and certain sounds do not sound like a person without one but I keep thinking it is NOT that bad. However, I guess if you are not used to me it is sometimes difficult to understand me. (All my friends/family out there, I sure would love for you to tell me your honest view, do you have difficulty understanding me! I won't be offended whatsoever. I just want other's perspectives.) I'll have a future blog regarding this.

Anyway, I attempted to get a LIVE representative but every time I got connected, I was disconnected. I was irritated so I went to the SS office. Wait time was 11 minutes and it took me less than 5 minutes to get it straightened. Hopefully, when I return from my VEGAS vacation I will be able to delete my OLD bank account.

Tomorrow I have to tend to my insurance auto draft and I get to see my BABYGIRL!.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Maddening Monday! Bank Saga Continues

I get up bright and early today thinking I'll get all kinds of things accomplished, right? Of course NOT, thanks to my bank! I hope they go under one day.

I have been afraid to do anything with my current bank. If you haven't been following, check out my latest post here.

As I mentioned on Thursday's post,  when I went to pay my doctor with my debit card it was rejected. On the way to the bank, I stopped to get gas. I know. I have such hope in things I shouldn't. Again, my card was rejected. So I went to the bank. I was understandably upset.

Rick, the one who has experienced my wrath multiple times slumped in his chair when he saw me coming. He asked me to sit and I told him thank you but I prefer to stand! I told him what transpired and he started clicking the keys. He shook his head and said my card was deactivated. I said who did that? He couldn't answer. They have not had one answer to any of my questions lately. I ranted as he kept apologizing. I told him ENOUGH apologies. Just fix the freaking problem!

An elderly couple was passing and the old lady, sweet as pie, took me by the hand and as she patted my back, attempted to soothe me saying to calm down, the young man will resolve the issue. I hugged her and said, "Ma'am, you are just too cute" but you have no idea." The little lady stood on the side of me holding my hand. I have to say that little lady just made me smile and after I returned home, made me miss nursing so much more. Maybe she was my guardian angel.

Rick told me that he could give me another card and I told him I was so tired that I don't want to deal with it. And promised him I would be back to close my account. He straightened up and asked what he could do to change my mind. I laughed and said yea right...I was there for 1/2 hour ranting and discussing things as the eldely sweetie pie sat on the side of me, encouraging me to calm down as it wasn't worth it. I eventually said my goodbyes, hugged the lady and thanked her for holding my hand. She told me God loved me and we hugged again.

This morning I went to open my new account at the new bank but I couldn't because my driver's license was expired. What can I say, except I keep thinking I had to the end of the month to renew and then the hospital and bank chaos started and I'm just behind.

So I go to my bank to cash a check and  get the money out to just go renew my license. The lady told me I was overdrawn and was not able to withdraw. I couldn't see it so I came home and went online. The bank is on a mission to destroy me, I swear!

First thing I noticed was a negative of 749.00. I knew that couldn't be because I haven't been able to take money out and only have two autodrafts. I don't even have that many bills. I noticed debits I knew was not mine! So I drove back to the bank with a copy of my online account and got RIck again. After an hour of searching he figured out the problem!  He said it was the computer at first but I told him not to give me that excuse. Only one autodraft was returned but I was charged 170 in NSF fees. Thank God for OD protection eh?

So I told him to fix it! He said he had to talk to his supervisor who was in a meeting. I told him let me make it simple...put your fingers to the keys, reverse every transaction and credit my is THAT SIMPLE. He pleaded with me to give him until tomorrow to fix the whole problem. He said he not only has to fix MY account but it looks like my account was mixed with another one so he has to fix that one too. He wants to do it right and will do it manually, whatever that means. He promised he would personally have it fixed and my account credited by tomorrow. He is pretty sure he will be finished by the end of the day if no other problems occurs but he wanted me to give him that time frame. He also promised he will have letters for the company that the draft was returned as well as a monetary offer on the table, he needs to get it approved before he offers me but he promises me that it will compensate for my aggravation.

I am not a total ass and saw that he felt beaten too. At that moment I could tell he finally saw the whole picture of my frustration. He apologized repetitively but the last few ones I could see it wasn't a 'standard apology.'. He sincerely meant it.

I actually have an appointment in the morning with him to see his offer and verify everything is normal....So the saga continues....

And I am not suppose to be stressed LMAO

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Excited -25 days Until Viva Las Vegas!

We're beginning a new week and hope everyone has a great week. Be safe out there!

Last week was yet to be desired for me if you should go back and read. My diagnosis and the bank situation has overshadowed my excitement of MyLove and I's upcoming getaway. I've been trying to get everything in order.

However, to keep my sanity I have tried focusing more on our trip, getting everything together so I won't forget anything. I know there is a high percentage that I will end up forgetting SOMETHING but hey, I can say I tried, right?

The last time I traveled by airplane was more than 10 years ago. Guidelines have changed. I was worried about my meds but I think I understand what I need to do. I'm anxious to see how MyLove and I will put 14 pair of clothes in one suitcase. I worry about wrinkles etc and the typical male he is, makes that the least priority to worry about.

We have a straight flight which is a relief. When we get there, we just need to get on the shuttle that will bring us to the hotel. My main concern is for it to stay in the air and not crash with me in it!

I wrote a company MyLove and I are interested in visiting while there so I wrote an email inquiring what I needed to know. Almost right away, I get a response but it just said "TEST". So I responded, "Yes, I AM A REAL PERSON" with a smiley face. I had to chuckle.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Diagnosis to Add to my Long List

During my 49 years in this crazy life I live I have learned to make my own list of previous medical history, surgeries and medication that that I keep on my computer. I update and bring it to a new doctor I see

Yesterday I went to my post-hospital follow-up visit with the Endocrinologist I was referred to while ill in the hospital last month. I thought I was just visiting him for a simple follow up as I considered my diagnosis was a mere awful bug causing gastritis etc. However, unknowingly I walked into what would be a very overwhelming experience.

He announced that I had Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome. As he presented my lab results to confirm the diagnosis he explained what it was. I heard "adrenal gland not working" (I knew it was 'insufficient' but never realize not working at all.), "ACTH way over the top", "no stressor" etc. He told me I needed to be on yet another drug for the rest of my life, gave me another prescription for Vitamin D, and advised me to get a Medic Alert for in case emergency because when I was admitted I was on the verge of entering the other world and it could happen again. He reassured me that if I take my meds, things should be okay.

My cuz has a friend who is a doctor asked her to explain it in more lay terms and she broke it down for her. So here it is

Polyglandular means multiple glands. Autoimmune means the persons' immune system is fighting their own body tissues. The adrenal gland is responsible for the body's adaptation to stress. If it fails there's a "system crash" when people get stressed or sick that can be life threatening. The thyroid gland controls metabolism. If it fails you get multiple symptoms including weight gain, fatigue, and slow heart rate. The heart can fail if thyroid function gets low enough. Heart failure can kill you. Type 1 diabetes in this disease is caused by antibodies to the pancreas which destroy its function. The person requires insulin or they die. People with polyglandular autoimmune disease usually require lifelong supplementation of multiple hormones to prevent death from multiple possible sources. Fortunately there are drugs available to replace all of the hormone deficiencies your cousin is likely to have, so if she stays on her medications and follows up with her doctor she should do okay."

As the saying goes, life sucks then you die! I am usually cool, calm and collected and accept what is given to me and move on. However, I have noticed as I get older, I get depressed and just wonder, how much more can my little body take?

To add to my stress, when I went to pay, my Debit card was denied. My bank is at it again! I went there and said my peace. Monday, I am going opening a new account at another bank and take my money out. That in itself is another story I may tell another day.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. PEACE!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bank Business!

Yesterday, MyLove received an automated "courtesy' call" from our Internet/cable provider regarding billing. I know I had paid the bill,  checked my account and it showed it was returned. WTH? I had money in the bank.

This morning I called the bank and the representative told me that I had a negative balance of 230 dollars. Having my account opened online, I protested that that was wrong. My account showed I had a positive balance. She had asked me for my Social security number and NAZ. I asked her what account she was looking at.

She insisted she was looking at mine and reiterated that I had it a negative balance and I again protested  I calmly demanded she check it again. She said she was going to close the account she was looking at and start over. I agreed it would be a good idea.

She finally gets to my account. And says the check was returned. I asked her why? She said she didn't know. Getting impatient and irritated I said, "Well let me tell you what you need to do. You need to send payment to the cable/Internet company accompanied by a letter stating the bank's error TODAY. If I get disconnected, You (The Bank) will have to pay for the reconnection fee along with whatever fees that may occur."

She asked if I can pay the bill by credit card or debit card online. I asked her why should I ? It would be my luck I pay it AGAIN, and then both goes through and shorten me financially and I paid by a check that was actually good but the bank spit out insufficient funds when in fact I had sufficient funds. It is THEIR responsibility to get the right account.

She informed me it could take 24 hours to go through. I went on a rant about how it is so easy for them to take out fees in an instant but when they erred, it took them longer. Why is that? I reinforced that I wanted the bill paid and a letter faxed today! She said she would have to talk to her supervisor and call me back.

Heck no! I told her I would wait. Fifteen minutes later she came back and said she was 'processing it". She said the Internet/cable company will be paid by the end of the day but may not show up until tomorrow. She also said to let them know if I am disconnected as they will credit my account the fees that this error incurred.

We had a lengthy discussion on how I will be moving my business elsewhere by next month because I can't have these kind of discrepancies any longer. Every few months I've had something like this recur. She assured me all is well now. I told her I was not assured of anything! But I will be waiting for the copy of the letter and notice stating my Internet/cable is paid. I also informed her that I will not be referring anyone to this bank.

She said it was an error and it would be corrected. I told her we will see.Only time will tell.

 Ironically, as I hung up the phone I went onto my Yahoo page and one of the headlines read that my bank has decided to drop the debit card fees they were trying to start.

I want to say Kudos to the Online activist Molly Katchpole! You go girl!

Now I need to do some bank shopping!