Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well my dream was scattered somewhat. It was like a mini dream. All I remember is my two adoptive children (Layla's friends), were going to school with me. There was the three of us and 2 dudes...Bailey and Aimee were riding on my back to class. When we got to class, there was a chalkboard with a list of short stories to read. She was handing out papers and it seemed there was something wrong with our papers. I don't remember what except she told Aimee that it was okay and that she could write "them" a note. I woke up...

ANALYSIS: There goes school again.
My creative class was cancelled and rescheduled for March because teacher is having surgery. We could either get a refund or transfer to next session. There is a reason for everything. I have the packet she gave us so I can go through that.
Well in my previous entries I complained about my computers. Brought them to techs etc. Well I got one working on Ethernet. I was so aggravated I wanted it wireless so I can connect my printer and being that I couldn't connect for some reason I couldn't connect to my ITOUCH. But I figured it out. YEA BABY! WOOHOO.
I think on another entry I mentioned Bargain Bee. Every day there is a deal at local restaurants. You buy a voucher for 15 for value of 30, etc. My cousin introduced it to me so I started checking and I bought 3 thus far. Last night, Randal and I used one at Juliens. Depending on what they are going to be I was thinking I could get one as a gift for Christmas. It's not only for restaurants. I saw previous deals on massages, spray tanning, a museum, zip lining etc. If you should go check it out and decide to register (It's Free) I would appreciate it if you use me as a referral by clicking this . I would definitely appreciate it.

It's cold here..Okay you Northerners I know if you would come down here, you'd say I am crazy but I'm COLD. I hate when it gets cold, I'm chilled to the bones during this season.

Don't forget to set your clocks one hour back tonight for those who are on Daylight Savings Time.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Noisy Apartment Living

I hate thinking of a title for my entries because more than likely it'll be about different things.

My creative writing class was cancelled this week. It is Tuesdays and Thursdays for three weeks. The instructor is ill so we will discuss the make-ups when it is in session. I was really learning, only if it was a few classes. She is laid back and easy going. Because it was a continuing education class she does not give tests. She said that her first class she had her students share with the class but she lost two of them so she decided sharing was voluntary thereafter. I actually shared two of my poems I had written.

I live in a 2-story apartment. There are 8 apartments per unit. We are at the bottom because I could just see myself tumbling down the stairs one day. The three years we've lived here we have had no luck in having quiet neighbors upstairs.

The first neighbors were a family of 5. The  kids' ages ranged from 1 to about 7. They were some hellions! My kid was energetic and bouncy but if she would have made as much racket as the hellions did, her butt would be spanked and I never believed in spanking too much.

I have to mention one day I was getting out of the car and the two oldest was outside. There is no playground here so they had to play in the parking lot. Argh! Anyway, one of them had their weenie out and peeing like he was aiming. I told him that was not nice. He laughed. I told him it was not funny but he continued to laugh. I wanted to walk up to him and slap him!

After two years of hell they finally move out. Randal and I celebrated. We thought we could not get anyone as bad as them. WRONG! A Hispanic 20 something couple moves in. I don't know what they would do sometimes but it sounded like they walked back and forth on and on. Randal guessed they were exercising.

Then they would put the loud BOOM BOOM BOOM music on.  The kind that shook the windows. They put it on mostly during the day when Randal wasn't home. I griped but I guess he thought I was overreacting. But one weekend, they put it on at 10 am and it kept going. Does anyone have any idea how stressful that can be? It sounded like the same song over and over. We had to put our TV louder so we could hear it. Well 7 pm came and Randal had enough! Of course, the office was closed so he called the cops.

A friendly cop came and heard it. He went upstairs and told them if the police were called again, they would be given a citation and thereafter, something more  harsh. It finally got quiet except for their noise. It was hilarious when they had sex.

The guy would sing sometimes like he was practicing. I thought he better not quit his day job although we saw him work rarely.

Well, this weekend they moved out! I guess they were tired of us beating the ceiling and yelling to stop their noise when they would be banging something or walking or stomping like fools.

We understand we will hear noise. Floors creak, doors shut, water running and even talking etc. But when they become excessive, it can become stressful.

So the apartment is empty. I am praying that an old quiet couple moves in or just 2 quiet people.

In the meantime, I will enjoy my quiet.

Medieval Dream

Last night was an unusual dream. Not about Layla, being lost or losing my car! Yippee.

We were in the Medieval times and Randal and I were in a large room like a gym. There were 2 large vats of gold we were protecting. There were  an army of large men who looked like Vikings. They wore gold suits of armor. Their weapon was a silver arrow they tried jabbing with. Randal and I would just stand in front of them and yell to get away and fling our arms like a cat fight between two girls LOL.

Finally, they went away and Randal and I were resting. He stood up and went to a rotary telephone and I heard him say he had a sore throat, fever and felt like crap. In my dream I was thinking he must be really sick.

Then the dream shifted to being at my granny's house. There were chickens, roosters all around. Some of the grandchildren were there including Donnie, Monica, Kathy, Francis, Allyson and myself. We were picking figs and pecans. Someone threw a fig at me and splattered on my forehead that started a fig fight..then I woke up.

Analysis: Medieval times, pot of gold etc: I have no idea. I watch History time about the Romans with Randal but we haven't seen any lately.

Maybe the pot of gold was me wishing I had more money than I have LOL.

Randal sick and calling the doctor is certainly a dream. He doesn't believe in going to the doctor for minor illnesses.

I have been putting pictures together to scan and post online. I found some old pics of our last Christmas or one of them when she was alive.

I  miss her, my Aunt Myrna and Aunt Jo.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I had a dream that my ex reeled me back. He kept saying it was good for Layla (around 7 years old then) and we could make it. So I left my boyfriend who's  name was Harry. Harry was tall, brown hair with a curled moustache. As my ex and I were going eat before going to  Layla's tournament. He started telling me he didn't love me, I was a bitch, he hated me, etc. I was shocked and Layla was in the backseat at verge of tears. I told him he could wait when Layla wasn't there. Evidently we went eat but I can't remember where or what. The nightmare switches to us going to this stadium which was a building that looked like a place I have been but can't point out at this moment from the outside. There was a huge parking lot surrounding the building. The inside was huge and shaped like a circle.  So Layla was doing her routines which one that I clearly remember was to take a ball size of a tennis ball, pick it up with her mouth and throw it in a maze to go through the hole. I had made a point to write down where we had parked so we could remember.

Brenda(his wife now) shows up and ex tells me that he is no longer going to be with me. He was moving back with Brenda. I told him he made me to believe that he wanted me back. I broke up with my boyfriend for him and I had really loved him but since ex was my child's father I wanted to try again. He kept loving on Brenda hugging and kissing her. I said, "Fine." I was so hurt and angry I wanted to get out of there. I hugged Layla and told her I''d see her later. So I walked and walked and walked searching for my car but it wasn't there.

I ran into Layla and she said she thought I had gone. I told her I couldn't find the car so she came with me. No car. We get back and ex told Layla it was time to go so go get her things. As she went he asked me why I was still there. I told him I've been looking for my car but its not there. He snickered and said, "Well you better find it i you want to go home." I asked if he moved it. He said maybe. Then I woke up.
Nitpicking: I would never take ex back.  No ifs, and or butts. He never really called me names like that but that feeling was raw as ever.

Harry: Never had a boyfriend named Harry nor anyone who looked like him. I do have a friend's husband name Harry and I consider him as a great friend.
Lost car and Layla being younger is a never ending recurring dream.

The game was similar to the one on Survivor the other day.

Tis My Cajun Life