Friday, November 30, 2012

Cerebral Palsy: Extremely Unsteady Today!

I don't know what it is with me today but I am so off-balance, a lot more than normal.  My gait is much wider as well.

I get up from a chair and oops..butt hits the seat I just got up from. So I have to do it again. Luckily, or may be not,  this apartment is small and cramped so if I weeble there is something I can grab to prevent from badooming! . But the adverse of it is I can fall,  miss and hit the floor and piece of furniture on my way down and conk myself out!

We went to the home center where we are buying our home from. (Another post later date). As we walked my hubby had his hand on my shoulders to try to stabilize me and for in case I go tumbling he had a better chance to catch me. I thanked him because I sincerely appreciated the gesture as I was doubting myself and I seldom doubt myself in this matter.

I was walking a little faster t than usually because walking my usual pace had me teetering and I felt like I was going to fall over. That is not a good feeling.

I can be standing and people will  pass by me closely or just touch me with a finger and I can land on the floor or weeble wobble. Thankfully, I weeble wobble more than hitting the floor!

Today I was standing up talking to someone and in seconds I felt myself shifting and I lost my footing. I wasn't even moving. I was holding on Hubby for dear life LOL.

I have had this happen but not quite extreme. It happens when I am tired or walking in a crowd that is stopping and going or so nervous but never this bad. Also, when I was out of the situation or rested I was fine.

I've been thinking about would be causing this. I am not tired, I wasn't walking in a crowd and I was not nervous. I am not on any new medications so who knows. It has gotten better as the day progressed but LORDEEE!

Ya'll have a good week because I will be away, (Burglars out there, I have a house sitter so don't you dare try). Although I am bringing my computer to check on emails I will not be on  much.

Most importantly, thank you for stopping by and reading and if you comment. It is much appreciated (even if you don't comment.)

If you should have problems commenting as I've been informed by someone,  email me at my yahoo addie: Not sure if I can help but am searching for a resolution.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And The Mystery Meat is....

It finally defrosted and it looks like Pork...the guesses on Facebook were same as my own.

Isn't that some pretty meat? They are definitely pork ribs..not Beef chuck.

So this morning I woke up early, seasoned them with Tony's Cachere's and Jack Daniel BBQ Sauce, threw them in my crock pot and put it on high..

7 hours later and I have some tender pork ribs.

I picked it up with my tongs and they fell apart. Waiting for hubby to return from visiting the Sandman, Herb and butter rice with some kind of veggies will be eaten with them.

Thanks for all the private messages and comments guessing what they were.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mystery Meat

I have a dilemma. Here is a package of meat I bought from our local Winn Dixie a few weeks back. They have awesome specials on meat every week. When I picked up this package of meat I thought I had picked up pork because it was in the pork freezer. But as you see on the white label (Look at clearer picture below) it says Beef Chuck/Beef for Stew.

The other day I took it out thinking it was Pork chops but realized it said Beef chuck on the label. So I put it back, taking another package that said pork chops on the white label.
Label stating Beef

Pork chop recipe underneath label

Hubby said the Pork Chop label may just be the packaging giving a recipe. My question was why give a pork chop recipe on a package of beef chuck?

Beef and pork are two different animals, hence two different cuts of meat, Am I right or am I losing my mind?

Maybe when I unwrap it after it is defrosted I'll figure it out. I guess I'll have to pay more attention to the packaging!!

Anyone wanna guess what it is?

If it is beef chuck (Beef for stew) anyone have any ideas on how to cook it besides stew??

Monday, November 26, 2012

Walmart:No He Couldn't Live Our Lives

There is several reasons why I HATE Walmart as you probably figured out if you follow my blog.  It is so big and to get from point A to Point B is like walking a mile.  It never fails to have an encounter or witness an encounter with a Moron. It's like Walmart shows the WORST of human decency.

Let me tell you about something I witnessed a few months ago.

I had gone alone that nonth. I usually wait for MyHubby to come with me but I had procrastinated long enough and he had been working hard. So I went down only the aisles taking my time.

As I was comparing Lipton rice dishes to the the other brands a  60-ish year old overweight Caucasian lady was driving one of the carts they have for people who can't walk or have trouble walking. She had stopped right behind me and I could see she was getting up to reach something on the lower shelf.

I asked her if she needed help. She thanked me but said she had it.

As she stood up, and slowly made her way off the cart, a gentleman of same age passed the aisle and saw her.

Visualize this, we are half way down the aisle when this man was passing the aisle evidently not needing anything down this particular aisle.

I saw him at a glance as he passed by.  I am always looking to see if I am in the way of someone trying to pass. There was only me, the lady and a 30ish African American lady making her way down the same aisle.

I turned my attention back to my label reading when I heard, "Hey You!" Of course, we all stopped what we were doing and looked in the direction of the call.

The guy that I had just seen pass had walked back.  Let me just say he was about 5'10 and overweight himself, maybe 5-10 pounds less than the lady.

He glares at the lady on the cart and shouts, "You do know there is a weight limit on the cart so you better not put too much in the cart. Maybe you should lose some of that weight." Then he took off. He left before anyone could say anything.

Don't you hate those moments when something crazy as this happens and you can't think of one thing to say at the heat of the moment? But after that moment passes, you think of all the things you could have or wanted to say? Arghh!!

Simultaneously I exclaimed, "OMG! That was so rude. Did that really just happen?" and the African American grunted "ooh  child"  like she couldn't believe it either. She reminded me of the reaction the maid would make on The Jefferson's! (For those who are too young to know who The Jefferson's are, it is a comedy way back when).

The lady on the cart visibly embarrassed and upset bursts, "He has no clue what my life is!"

I sympathized stating " No, he doesn't. Maybe he should walk in your shoes or another disabled person's shoes for a day. He is such a man (NOT) that he ran after he said it not giving you time to respond."

She responded, "No he couldn't handle my life and that just shows how he is really a coward running without giving me a chance to respond. Did you notice he wasn't really a Slim Jim either,"

I laughed and said, "You are so right, he couldn't handle it." After a little chit chat we went different directions. She did tell me that she had just had surgery and wasn't able to walk long distances at that time and although she didn't want to use it, she had to.

I've faced many ignorant people in my life. This man made me angry, especially walking away. Who in the hell he thought he was? Every time I think of it, I stew and boil all over again. And  it was not even directed to ME.

What is this world coming to? We are all guilty of some form of judging but blatantly voicing something like that is WRONG. Where has the compassion gone?

Hubby works at a Home Improvement store and he sometimes comment how these carts are used. The carts are for those who can't walk long distances and are truly disabled but they are being abused by obese patrons as well as children. I remind him to be nice and nonjudgmental.  But it frustrates him that he sees people on the carts that shouldn't be on them. There are only a few of them.

He claims just because you are overweight, doesn't make you disabled and eligible to ride on the car. He has also seen children and lazy people get on them and break them. Or they are left in the parking lot and the battery wears down. So I can understand his reasoning and his view

When BabyGirl was young, she used to ask me why I don't use the carts. I told her I did not need it. She knows how much it takes out of me to walk Wallyworld. When I was having major breathing problems, she saw how I had to stop at the end of few aisles and rest. In her childish mind she couldn't understand why I wouldn't ride one of the carts. It was simple in her mind, I was not like every one else. It was there. Why not use it?

I think she was concerned about me but at the same time SHE was the one who wanted to ride the cart! But I would tell her that there were so few of them and I didn't want to use it because what if someone who really could not walk or really needed it more than me and didn't have one?

However the coward had no excuse of his outburst. It shows how cruel and arrogant the coward was. He could have stood like a man and allowed her to at least defend herself, although he deserves nothing but it could have given her a choice.

I thought afterwards how this could have ruined this woman's day or self esteem. I know how it feels when people judge me without having any clue of who I am. It was just damn WRONG!

I am going to close with this quote of many I have found regarding ignorance.

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informedopinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” 
― Harlan Ellison

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Was Speechless!

 "You know your my number one right? The one I can always count on no matter what I'm dealing with. You say I'm your rock Mamma. But honestly, it's the Mamma who's the rock for their daughter."
                                                                                                                 My BabyGirl.

Yes, I was speechless. 

My  heart swelled. I cried.  Tears of happiness. Tears of pure Joy. Tears of pride. Tears of Accomplishment.

Me? Her Rock? Awesome! How many parents have heard that from their children?

I honestly never thought of being her rock. I don't know why. 

I always said SHE was my rock. She kept me going when I would have easily hung it all up. She was the reason for my fighting and staying here. She will always be my ROCK.

I am blessed to experience this sort of bond with an extraordinary daughter. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

MyHubby and I decided to spend it together alone. He had been working hard and just wanted quiet time. I had been feeling under the weather for the past couple of weeks and was just blahzee. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and it was just a cold he said. It is more aggravating than anything else.

I cooked MyHubby and I a little feast. Cornish hens, rice dressing, candied yams, cranberry sauce, and green beans. I had never cooked Cornish hens but it was easy.

BabyGirl and her girlfriend stopped by in the evening which is always good!

I have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful and grateful for my blogger friends and all those who don't blog but take the time to come by, read and sometimes comment! Yes! That's you!   THANK YOU!

I have great family and friends. An awesome daughter and husband who loves me unconditionally. They make my life worth living even during those times I feel like I just wanna hang it all up.

I am thankful for a year of pretty good health. I've had my ups and downs but I can finally say I am healthier.

What more can a girl ask for?
Thanksgiving Dinner

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Home Buying Update: Land

In July, MyHubby and I began a search for a new home. We had enough of the downfalll of the neighborhood we live in not to mention the obnoxious neighbors we have above us.

We had no idea what we were getting into. To see or be reminded of our  ongoing frustrating adventure click here for the beginning of our journey and for a follow-up a few months later, which is not much of anything go here.

I am happy to say the light is brighter at the end of the tunnel. 

We have signed the front closing. There are two closings for this lender. I don't know the technicalities but the loan has gone through!

So the business that is selling us the home is finding contractors to do the improvements we need to do on our land. I want to share with you pictures of our land. We have a tiny bit less than 3 acres. Most of it is L shaped. In addition there is a  of woods by a bayou across the highway that is also ours.

The mobile home will go right in front of the sewerage cover you see right in front of the brush. The green building and house is our neighbors. There is dirt under that brush. The view is from me standing in the middle of the land

View of the middle of land to future driveway. Across the road is also our land, the woods and the bayou is a few yards from there.

This is the short end of the L.  The next door neighbor was allowed to use that little portion for a garden. I have no idea why he needed it because he has a nice backyard but Hubby gave him permission since we weren't using it. We own the all the way to theland to the road, a little pass the light pole.

I was standing at the other end short L as shown in previous picture.

Back of land to road

This was once a shed. I think Hubby told me that the shed was once his grandfather's The wood just rotted collapsed during a storm. We watched it slowly break apart and finally collapse. There is all kind of stuff underneath there. Not sure how much is salvageable. But we will eventually tear it down and dispose of it.

So this is the land we are going to put our home. It is the outskirts of a small town of Arnaudville, population 1060.  Yep it is in the country far away, well almost.

Friday we are having a man to come update our sewerage pump and pump it out. Finding someone to do it was a trek because of the type of pump. Can't blame me on that one because Hubby bought it way before he met me!

Our salesman is finding contractors to put the pad and do other improvements for the home as well. We will have to move the electric pole further up and put the line underground. 

By the way our initial salesman quit. Remember the one that just didn't seem to be with the program. So we are with a saleslady with whom we met and feel much more comfortable with.  The salesman is hoping they get us in before the first of year. So are we!

Stay tuned..

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I know the answer to this but there has to be another way.

Why do manufacturers seal jars and bottles so tight that consumers like me have difficulty unscrewing or popping the lid? I mean really! I know machines do it so I guess it is logical that machine needs to unscrew it. I am NO Machine.

I know! I know! It is for safety reasons. Morons could try to put something in the jars. It is sealed tight to preserve and keep products fresh. I am sure there are many more other reasons.

However, it does not help me.

I remember Mom having what looked and felt like a long rubber band with grip spikes on it. Now there are many gadgets to help you unscrew jars and bottles but it doesn't help if the lid is to wide for the gadget,  like The Gripper.

Previously and more recently, I have resolved to hitting the bottom of the jar, running the lid  under cold water and hot water, banging the bottom of the jar on something hard. It is a hit or miss that it works.

I've even stuck a tip of a fork or knife under the lid until I hear a Whooosh or POP.

If I am lucky, MyHubby is around and I can use his muscles. Of course, he makes it seem like it is so easy.

I've been known on a rare occasion to swallow my pride and ask a neighbor to help, which also makes me feel stupid after they seemingly open it with ease.

Does anyone have the same problem as me? What are your tips to opening a jar or bottle that is air tight?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Battle of The Ants-Dream

It's been a while that I wrote about my dreams. Here is a recent one.

I'm dressed in military camouflage pants, shirt and helmet equipped with a big gun that looks like a cannon. I'm in a squad room which actually looks like a hospital nursing station. My commander is telling us we are being surrounded by hundreds of ants.

Feeling like I am in a video game, I exit the squad room and walk into the middle of thousands of ant hills with millions of tiny ants coming at me. I start shooting. Orange flare from my cannon like gun evaporates the hills and ants.. After what seemed like hours, our team leader states we have had a successful mission.

We all cheer as we walk back to the squad room. Our commander, which is actually a cousin, Karin commands we need to debrief and then we can go home.

As I wait my turn, I call my mom. My mom is upset because evidently I was suppose to get home before Mass. I told her I would try but had to debrief and it may take an hour. She reminds me (Without having to because I heard it all before) that mass Mas in a hour and asked how was I suppose to make it. I told her I could only do what I can.

Next scene: I am running into the church, Mass is almost over. Everyone turns. I look for my Mom where she usually sits but she is not there. The attendants all point the other direction. She walks to me and told me it was about time.  She and dad wanted to bring me eat. I explained to her I had to debrief. She said she did not even know I was in the army and how was I allowed to be in the army with my disability. I told her it did not take much convincing, She gave me one of her trademark looks of exasperation. I thankfully woke up.

Do I really want to analyze this: Oh what the hell.

ANTS: MyHubby and I went to our land the other day and we were discussing how we needed to get a hold of the ants and devised a plan.

ARMY: No clue.

MOM AND Dad: I don't know. Maybe its a sign for me to call and touch base with them.

KARIN, MY COUSIN: Recently I read some of her posts. Why is she the commander. No idea!

HOSPITAL SETTING: Maybe I've seen many of my Facebook friends and family members have been in the hospital or went to the doctor. I've also been sick. Feeling better though.

MASS: The incident with BabyGirl with her church in my last post.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to share.

And as always thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Churches Shun Followers By Judging

If you have read a few of my posts you will know I was raised a Catholic and have practiced my religious faith in the past.  In my Catholicism classes I learned that ONE of the purposes of a Catholic mass and what made our religion so unique was it was to receive Communion, the body of Christ.  

However, since I divorced, according to the Catholic rules, I am not allowed to receive the Eucharist unless I get my previous marriage annulled.  I refuse to do so. I have seen the application for the annullment and I don't think it is any of their business with some of the questions asked. I also don't think I should fork up hundreds of dollars for someone to say my marriage was doomed from day one.

I talked to a Jesuit priest a year or two ago and he told me I could still go to church but I cannot participate in Communion,  He said I should still go to church to praise our lord etc. 

I've struggled with the Catholic Church and my religion because of my divorce.

This past year Hubby and I went to a retreat and we were told by a priest that there are some things the Catholic Church is out of date. I need to do what is comfortable for myself. He even suggested that I go to a different church who does not know our history and if I feel comfortable receiving communion, do so. It is between God and I.

I know we shouldn't pick and choose what we want to believe and do. At the same time, I can understand why the Catholic Church is losing members. 

On another note, I raised my daughter as a Catholic. She was involved with the Church being an altar server, participated in some church groups etc until she was a teenager. Right before she was to confirm   she fought me to go to Church or anything to do with religion. She was old enough to know what she wanted. I gave her tools to make her decide to that point.. I did not see any benefits of MAKING her confirm if her heart was not in it. I had her baptized when she was a baby. I believed Confirmation was her decision to make and if her heart was not in it, it was fruitless. With much adverse opinions from other family members I stood my ground and allowed her to make that choice.

 I watched BabyGirl move away from the church for reasons of her own. I just prayed she would find her way back to God. She reassured me that she did believe in God. That's all I needed to know. She had some kind of belief in God.

She found a small church that she has been going to. It is not Catholic. It is a nondenominational church. She has been going regularly. I do not know much about it. I know who the Pastor is and who introduced her to it. I know she goes for 2 hours on Sundays. She told me once that the first hour is instruction, singing etc. The second hour the Pastor lectures.

I was relieved that she found a religion she was comfortable in.

This morning she wrote me an email. She was upset. She knew the church frowned upon homosexuals and kept it to herself as she knows how various religions are. She respected it. She brought her girlfriend to church with her yesterday. Her friend was having anxiety problems as she sometimes does. My daughter placed her hand on her girlfriends as an act of support and talked to her. 

Out of nowhere, a higher member of the church approached her and told her as she would tell anyone else, any signs of PDA was inappropriate and she was not to do that. It shocked my daughter and her girlfriend, they walked out to shake the shock and eventually left.

She said she thought God wanted us to love one another and not hate.  

My first thought was this is a perfect example of how people can jump into conclusions. It amazes me how people who are supposedly devout in their religion will take upon themselves to JUDGE others.  

I told her regardless, what made this woman God? As long as they were not in a full blown make out session what was it to this woman? What is so wrong about holding hands anyway?

In my church, when we say the Our Father, we hold hands. I wonder, what this woman would have said if Hubby and I walked in holding hands. We are always holding hands. When we offer peace to one another during mass, I have seen spouses kiss each other, or hugged. Is that not allowed in church?

I encouraged her to take this woman to the side and explain to her what was going on to inform her that her judgement was wrong. I encouraged her to always remember that her relationship with God us all that matters.  I told her clergy like that or even the CHURCH is only] go between,. She should not let ANYONE like this woman deter her from her belief and religion.  

After I wrote my response to her I thought  a lot more to say. I was offended and it wasn't even me. But then it makes me realize why so many people move away from organized religion.

When I see the Catholic commercials or ads asking those who were Catholics to "come home" I am not surprised why they have left.  And for any religion who tends to judge.

But she is right. God loves everyone. God wants everyone to love one another. 

I believe he is our maker. He is our Judge when the time comes. No one else should be doing the judging.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weight Goal Reached!

I hope everyone had a Safe Halloween.

I've been battling weight loss for the past couple of years.  Last year at this time, I weighed 74.5 lbs. I struggled but I am finally over 100 lbs. I gained 14 lbs in the past 6 weeks!

When I stood on the scale and 108.5 lbs registered at my endocrinologist's office, I was stumped. I asked the nurse what was wrong. She responded nothing. I asked if she was sure that number was correct. She assured me it was. Then...

I clapped and yelled YES! I gained 14 lbs since I came last. I was so excited. I nearly bubbled over. She said that it was because I was in love. Maybe. Or maybe the brownies and cookies I've been wolfing down nearly every day. Or the meds I am taking. Doc did say the meds I am on can increase my appetite.

Doc walks in and I informed him that I reached my goal. I passed 100 lbs. In his own reserve kinda of way he grinned as he was looking at my chart. He reminded me that almost to the day a year ago, I weighed 74.5 lbs when I first saw him but he was amazed I gained 14 lbs since I saw him six weeks ago. I had a big grin ear to ear. I don't think I've seen 100 lbs since after I was pregnant.

Doc joked and said his mother calls it "Love weight". You can call it whatever you want. I am just so darn happy!

I knew I had gained weight because my clothes are actually fitting. Some almost bursting. I have a small pouch of a belly but I'd take that instead of my ribs sticking out. I just didn't realize how much I gained.

Also, I noticed my legs have been getting tired faster. I figured it was because I am gaining weight gradually but didn't realize that much!!!

Now all I have to do is maintain this weight. I won't cry if I lost 8 lbs to get to 100. As long as I stay 100 or above I am happy.

I feel so accomplished reaching my goal. I am so happy and relieved.

Friday, October 26, 2012

KC and the Sunshine Band: I'm Special!

Hubby and I went to a KC and Sunshine Band this past weekend. It was an awesome concert for starters. We put on our "Boogie Shoes" and Shook Our Booties!

MyHubby had bought the tickets. We had not been to Paragon Casino so we were not familair with the layout. There were no floor seats left so he bought the 'bleacher' seats which our seats were of course on the very top of the bleachers.

As we entered the center, there were many employees helping concert-goers find their seats. A cheery middle age bespectacled light skinned African American female employee walked up to us and looked at our tickets and said, "Oh, no! I can't let you walk up the steps. Do you want to  be on the floor?"

I responded  casing the steps I would have to climb, "Our seats are up there and I can walk up the steps. He'll help me." I did not want any special privileges or put out anyone else.

Hubby wasn't understanding her as it was noisy and I guess he wasn't focusing. She reports that her job was to make sure the disabled were comfortable and I was "Special' and repeated she did not want me to climb the steps.

I could have taken that statement as an insult or just go with it.  I decided to go with it.

I guess I am getting mellow and and accepting more easier ways of doing things at my ripe age!

However, when Hubby understood what she was saying, he asked to confirm, "You can put us on the floor?"

She nodded, "Yes, that is what I said. I don't want her walking up those steps. I am in charge of the disabled."

He looked at me and I shrugged, fine by me. I then told him, " She says I am special.' She said, "She certainly is!"

So she walked us to the last row on the floor and told us to wait there. A few minutes later, she returns with a man hauling 2 chairs.  They started a row just for us. Later a lady on a scooter was placed on the side of us.

We thanked her profusely and she responded, "That is my job!" But you can tell it was just not a job, she seemed like she enjoyed her job and took it seriously. We could not catch her name as her name tag was partially blocked and I didn't think of asking her. I can kick myself when I forget to do that.

Throughout the concert, this very nice lady checked on us periodically to make sure we were okay. Now I say that is awesome!

The concert was totally awesome. It was the first time I saw KC in concert and he put on a good concert. He even danced with his dancers. Choreography was out of this world. I can not recall ever seeing KC move away from his instrument and dance like he did that night.

On our way home Hubby admitted he was somewhat offended by the lady. I told him that was my job to be offended but it was one of those "aww moments." I know he loves me, accepts me and even forgets I have a disability. But when an emotion comes out of him like that it clarifies that he understands me more than I realize and he truly cares.

I keep mentioning when he buys tickets or plans some things, we need to ask about disability accommodations because although I am mobile, I've figured out there are so many things to make my life easier and as I grow older I am willing to accept them.

The parking was a bitch, for me anyway. We didn't know what part of the building it was so we parked way in the back near the highway as there were no handicapped spaces vacant. We couldn't figure out if the parking garage was closer than where we parked.  We don't do valets. I estimate it was two blocks we had to walk from our parking space to the front entrance of the casino. Maybe it is an exaggeration but it sure felt like it. As we walked we saw cars leaving and I pointed out if we drove around once we could have parked closer.  He responded with insignificant utter.

  I think I will have to be more assertive with him in regards our parking practices. I have to realize we have two different views of what is a long walk and because he has that male DNA some things just don't stick in his mind. But I love him nevertheless!

Now, I turn to him when we are clowning and I say, "I"m special!" Like responds, "Yes I knew you were always special!" LOL!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Response to Complaint From District Manager and Customer Service

I received two responses to my my complaint letter I wrote about on my last post. One was by email from customer service:

I do sincerely apologize for the incident that occurred while you were at our station. I am going to advise our district manager of all these issues so they can address them right away. We definitely do not condone rude behavior from any of our employees and furthur action will be taken. If you have any more issue, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

This morning I received a telephone call from the district manager (DM). She needed to know who the employee was. I could not see her name tag so I described her. DM apologized and said she will talk to her employee and remind all of her employees to be courteous.

In regards to the pump not printing out the receipt, she said they have had them repaired but it is not that it is broken or out of paper. It is because the way the people tear off the receipt. If it is torn off a certain way, it won't print out for the next person. It is a constant battle. 

I reiterated how frustrating and inconvenient it is. She said she will look into it more to see if it can be fixed.

We did not address the vagrant issue because we spent so much time talking about the pump and employee the vagrant issue was forgotten.

At least my letter was not ignored. I was happy how fast they contacted me. I received an apology and was assured the problems will be addressed. That's all I can ask for, 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Walmart: Complaint Letter

This pretty much sums up my trip to get gas yesterday. Hubby had used my car the day before, used almost all my gas. It was a little less than a 1/4. He meant to replace the gas but my poor honey was pooped so I excused him. When I told him about my ordeal, he apologized. But he did not need to.

I was so fed up I wrote this email. If I get any response I'll write another post.

To Whom It May Concern,

Yesterday I visited your business on Evangeline Thruway in Lafayette, La as I do regularly. 

The past 3-5 times my husband and I have visited your business to purchase gas, the paper was out EVERY TIME on Pump 7 so we had to walk to the window to get a receipt.

When I visited yesterday I decided to try another pump so I went to Pump 5. Again, I had to walk to the window to get a receipt because the receipt did not print out at the pump.

What is the purpose of having a self serve pump and pay at the pump when it does not work? If this occurred  occasionally that would be a different story. But I am not exaggerating when I say 3-5 times. My husband visits the station at least every 2-3 weeks and I visit 1 or twice a month, nearly the same times. We have also called the number on the receipt with this very same complaint.

But my visit got worse yesterday.

When I walked to get my receipt your employee was blatantly rude not acknowledging my complaint. I felt like I was talking to deaf ears. She did not say ONE word to me, not even a hello. And then, she did not hand me the receipt, she pretty much flicked it to me.  This is not the first time Murphy's employee's have been just rude. I am sure there are many others who would like their jobs.

Lastly, there has been an increasingly number of what appears vagrants soliciting your customers at the pump. Yesterday, a vagrant man was begging and when I told him no, he pursued me until I got into my car.  I felt unsafe. As I inched my way out I nearly hit him with my car because he was walking begging another customer not paying attention to traffic. Luckily for him and your business I saw him before it was too late. By the way, this is not the first time I have seen this particular gentleman begging.

I am feeling unsafe and irritated every time I go to your business and will consider moving my business elsewhere if these issues are not addressed and resolved. Feel free to contact me to discuss this. 

I gave my NAZ and telephone number so we shall see.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I am Half a Century

It is my birthday! The Big Half Century! The Big 50!

By the grace of God I have reached the ripe age of 50!  Hopefully many more to come.

As I reflect on my life, I have to say I have lived a fairly good life. Life has not been a bed of roses. It has thrown obstacles I've had to jump over, or trudge through but here I am.

I am blessed.

My life is good.

My hubby and I have had many talks about where we are. If someone had told me 20 years ago, I would be alive and this happy, I would have laughed in their face.

But here I am. I feel great. I have a wonderful family. I have awesome friends such as yourself.

Overthinking Mama wrote a blog post mentioning goals. It got me to thinking what my goals have been. How many of you have actually written down goals and tried seeing them through.

In my life the most important goals I remember having were:

I don't recall having any goals as a child until my teen years.

During my teen years my goal was to trudge through school to graduation, get a job and work making lots of money. Accomplished.  I have to give my parents credit for  graduating because I hated school (except my Senior Year because I knew I was getting the hell out of there!), That was one thing my parents pushed us to do and there was no ifs, ands or buts.  I have failed to make lots of money but with the world we live in, who does?

I wanted to be a nurse since when I can remember. Accomplished. I went to nursing school, earned my Nursing license and worked as a nurse. 

My goal was to work until I retired as a nurse. God had other plans and I became disabled but I think that goal was partially accomplished because I did work and helped people.

Another goal was to travel. Well that sorta went out the window although I have been traveling more lately so I guess it is a goal in progress.

If you follow my blog at all, you know one of my reasons for living is BabyGirl. I have accomplished the goal of living until she graduated high school and PLUS some thus far. Out of all my goals I think this the one I wanted to accomplish the most. I faltered some along the way but I think she is a well-adjusted (sorta! HA!) young lady who will be successful in whatever she decides to do.

I think every one's goal is to be happy and I have to say I am HAPPY! ACCOMPLISHED

How can I not be with awesome friends like you, my loving awesome hubby, my wonderful adorable daughter and my fabulous family!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Buying a Home...Like Pulling Teeth from a Chicken..

Buying a home is a trek in itself.

Then add lenders, salesman and government, state and city regulations make it even harder.

It is amazing how you can enter a salesman's office and ask if we can do something and they respond, "You can have whatever you want. We can work with you."

But when it comes to the nitty gritty, it is like pulling teeth from a chicken on a merry go round.  The antics salesman use is damn right frustrating. They must go to Sales school and they are taught how to not answer a question and work around it.

Where do I start? Hmmm...

Scratch that.

Let me say where we are. We are "pre-approved', have been for some time, or so they say. I am finding out that means squat when it comes down to it.

 Supposedly the lender ordered the title and appraisal so maybe in two weeks to 14 days we'll go to the FRONT closing. Supposedly there are two closings.Time will tell...So the saga continues....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Wonders- Sidewalks

I know I skipped a few Wednesdays, starting with Isaac fiasco. But we weathered it very well!

Back to Wednesday Wonders.

 Why don't people use the sidewalk when there is a sidewalk?

Are they really asking to be hit?  Around here it  surely seems so!  It is like they DARE you to hit them.

What annoys me the most is when they are walking dogs?

I would not say I am an animal activist but I have a strong belief that you need to take care of your pet just like you would take care of a child. One of those responsibilities is ensure safety.

There is this lady with 3 small dogs who walk them on the side of the road every morning, about 3 feet from the sidewalk. It never fails one dog is half in the road.  Should I mention the road has curves and they are so rounded that if an idiot blasts around the curve someone is almost hit because it is almost too late.

However, people walk on the side of the road, or should I say in the middle sometimes? They hear a car and turn around but do they move? Once I just kept going, mind you I was ready to stop at any moment. When they realize I may not be stopping, their eyes got big and shuffled to the side of the road. As I looked through the rearview mirror, I saw them cursing acting like I am the Moron!

I just want to stop and say, "Don't you see the freaking sidewalk? Why don't you use it?"

Who else thinks the way I do?  What are your experiences with Morons who are too lazy to walk 3 feet to safety of a sidewalk?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday To My BFF

Today is a very special friend's birthday so I want to dedicate this post to HIM and the friendship I cherish with him.

He and I have never met face to face but yet we feel we know each other. I pray and hope that one day we WILL meet. I will probably be the more capable one to venture the 900 miles some day.
We have talked on the telephone and spent thousands of hours on chat as well as emails.

We met on Pogo several years ago. We were flirtatious and continue to be, in honest fun. Mostly with our pet names, Handsome and Beautiful. We chatted and played games against each other. We gravitated to Yahoo Messenger and email.

He has become a friend I love and adore.

He has made me laugh when I wanted cry.

He has been an awesome confidante and supporter.  He has been an advisor.  He has been a true friend. He acted like a parent waiting for my email or chat to let him know I made it safely after meeting a potential new love interest.

He is always there for me. He has made me laugh when I wanted to cry.

We have accepted one another unconditionally. Our friendship has never had any stipulations.

We can always depend on each other to be honest. We never sugar coat anything. Sometimes, it was brutal for the other but we knew it was what we needed. We knew what we said to the other was  not out of malice.  And at the same time, we knew the other was there to comfort after the blows we encountered.

He and I have a special bond that we refused to let anything or anyone break.

When we had a love interest enter our lives, we made it known that our friendship was not up for negotiation. I know a few times I've had to tell the potential love interest at that time to not even try because they would lose.  I can see when someone has not experienced a friendship like ours could be skeptical. It is one of those things you don't understand until you are in it.

I am blessed to have a wonderful, handsome, funny compassionate friend like Jeff.

Although we don't talk or email as much we know that we are here if we ever need the other.

I hope and pray his birthday is as special as he is because he deserves all the joy, love and happiness in the world!

Happy Birthday to My BFF, Jeff!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Is What Happens When I Am Left Alone In BabyGirl's Office Alone At

A while back before her 20th birthday, I went eat lunch with BabyGirl at her office. She had an unexpected meeting so I waited in her office. I became bored. Then I noticed a stack of Sticky Notes!  And these are the results! I captioned them since some are blurry and may be hard to read.
Don't Know When You'll Get this but my baby will be out of her teens, all grown up!

Your Mom is Proud of You!
Don't Forget this1 Your Mom (hearts) you!
Your Move Loves You LRG!

Love you bunches LRG. I will owe you a pack of sticky notes! Love Mom!
Your Mom Loves You More!
You make my heart sing and Happy!

My hope was that she would find one periodically since I did flip the notes randomly as I wrote. But the Smart (AZZ) and just can't resist a possible surprise she went through the whole pack after she found the first one. "SIGH"

By the way I did buy her a stack of Sticky Notes to replace the ones I had used!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Wonders: Why Are All Feminine Products on the Women's Aisle?

Why aren't all feminine products on the Women's Aisle at Wallyworld?

Have you noticed on the Women's aisle in Wallyworld, there are only feminine pads, feminine wipes, tampons and maybe pregnancy tests? If you need lubrication, or OTC meds for yeast infection and such, you have to go the display that is SMACK in middle of the floor near the pharmacy window where foot traffic is heavy. Is that ridiculous or what?

I am older and wiser to not be embarrassed to shop for these in the open.  It is what it is. It's called life. However, I think if people are embarrassed they will not stand there and look for what they want and that could lead to unplanned pregnancy and such.

Also the last time I bought some lubrication, they are now in a little lock box that the cashier has to get it out of. They just started that and I inquired why because curious minds want to know. She said if it is applicators etc people will open the box and shoplift some out of the box or even the box.


The box is rather big to put in a purse.

I guess I have a consciousness and won't even entertain the idea of stealing anything. It's one reason why everything is so high in cost,  they have to make up for loss from the morons in this world.

At CVS on the Feminine aisle there is everything a  Female needs on two aisles facing each in a rather discreet location.

Why can't Walmart do the same? Next time you are in Wallyworld and you are in that area try to notice and let me know if your Wallyworld stocks the same way.

Monday, August 20, 2012

20 years ago...

Twenty years ago, I gave birth to BabyGirl.  I never knew just how much love you can have for one person before I brought her into this world.

When I held her in my arms I knew my life was changed forever. I just did not know how much and how.

My life revolved around her for many years and I do not regret one moment.

I wish her life could be a lot easier but I think we all go through different struggles that makes us who we are.

She has filled my life with love,happiness and pride.

She has taught me so much throughout her life.

I thank God he has given me this beautiful child, inside and out.

Let's go down memory lane with some pics.

5 years old


19 years old

It is hard to believe she has changed so much through the years! Wow, no longer a teen anymore!

HAPPY 20th Birthday Babygirl!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Wonders: Tenant Lease

Why does a tenant have to sign a lease when there are no repercussions for not following the rules?  Why does the quiet rule-abiding tenants get the shaft when they complain?

The rules are long but vague. I have also noticed there are no specified repercussions if one should broke these rules..

Does anyone ever read the lease in its entirety?  The rules are long but yet vague. I have also noticed there are no specified repercussions if one should broke these rules.

Every day I see at least one rule broken. There a a couple of rules that are persistent but does management care?

Obviously not. As long as they get their money, the hell with the rest.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fender Bender in Wallyworld's Parking Lot

Last Saturday afternoon, Hubby and I had to go to Wallyworld for the dreadful grocery shopping.  We attempted to wait until the meteorologist's predicted  storm to pass. The clouds came and went.

Since the day was almost over, we decided to take a chance.

As we buckled up and aimed for our destination, the clouds were looking angrier. Hubby and I weren't surprised. That's typical of La's weather. It can be raining in one spot and you turn the corner and it is sunny with no rain.

A little more than 3 miles later, we arrived at the Wallyworld parking lot. Since we had to go to both sides of Wallyword I strategized as I know how tiring it is for me. I decided it would be easier to  park on the opposite side from where we usually park as we had to go to both ends of the store anyway.

 I see someone getting in there car in the next aisle from where we scoping out the parking spaces for a handicapped spot. I moseyed over to the aisle. The person in the car was taking its time to move along so of course I was stopped behind other cars.

I had noticed when I stopped  I was behind a grandmaish lady and a child had climbed into their SUV. I know if the lady would have looked through her side view mirror, she would see me, right?

 In a matter of seconds, what seemed like slow motion,  simultaneously, hubby and I saw Grandma's tail lights come on and we both reached for the horn. I couldn't move backwards because a car was behind me. Of course, we weren't fast enough and she backed into us.

We were ticked off to put it mildly. So we get out of our cars to assess the damage with expletives from Hubby.

Lady attested, "Oh, I didn't see you!"  Hubby retorted that she looked through the side view mirror and looked right at him.

We made sure every one was okay. It was a mild fender bender.  My passenger door was bent and paint scraped off. Her bumper was scraped.

Lady whipping out her insurance, pen and pad quipped, "Not much damage. Lets exchange information and the insurance can take care of it."

 MyHubby announces, "We need to call the cops."  And walks away.

I continue to stand there as Lady babbles how it is not that much damage and she couldn't believe we were calling the cops. . The soft hearted person I am was caving and went to Hubby and suggest we get the information and maybe go from their.

He wandered back to the car and inspected the damage. He reminds me he had been burned by another accident years back when he only got the information so he wanted at lease a police report.

Lady looking up to the threatening  black clouds hovering persisted. "Oh, its going to take them too long and you can just call the insurance.There is not that much damage anyway"

I informed her maybe not but although it is a used vehicle, it is new to me as I haven't had it for a year.

Hubby wandered off again a few feet and called the police..

While he was on the phone, Lady continues to babble, "My granddaughter thinks I am going to jail.  Last time it took the cops forever to come...." On and on she went..

WAIT!  "What? "The last time?" I thought. That stirred my attention and changed my mind completely. She continued like it was an inconvenience to her.

I reminded her that SHE hit me, and it was an inconvenience to me. The cop came and wrote the report. No one was ticked because it was in a 'private' parking lot.

Monday I went get an estimate...drum..roll......

The estimate was $1084.  They have to keep my car for 5 days as they have to pop out the dent and paint the two doors so I will need a rental car. Such joy! Not!

Oh and as we entered Wallyworld about 25 minutes later is when it rained but stopped by the time we were on our way home.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Wonders-Doorbell

I've been brainstorming to obtain motivation to blog regularly. I have noticed I have 85 drafts. Yes, 85 posts I have started but never finished. I guess it is time to reorganize.

I have decided to commit to blog at least once a week or try to anyway. I thought maybe it'll be easier to set a theme since I have trouble thinking of topics  Let me introduce you to the first post of Wednesday Wonders.

What are Wednesday Wonders? They are questions of "Why?" or thoughts of "I wonder.." Hopefully, after this post, you will get the idea.

I invite you to participate. Send me your suggestions or any feedback. You can use the comment at the bottom of this post, my main email or Facebook timeline.

Why do people insist on knocking instead of using the doorbell?

I've had a sign with RING DOOR BELL taped to the door with an arrow pointing to the doorbell. I can say since we've been here, the doorbell has been used maybe a handful of times and that includes BabyGirl who has used it more than anyone.

Every month the maintenance man and pest control man comes to change the air conditioner filter and spray to prevent creepy bugs invasions.  They beat the door making me jump. I am not saying it if they used the doorbell, I wouldn't jump but I wouldn't be as startled and irritated for sure.

I have politely asked them to use the doorbell. Pointing to the door bell occasionally does not sink in either. I also pointed to the sign. Once they woke me up from a deep sleep and I was not a happy camper.

Rudely awakened or disturbed by pounding of fists vs softer doorbell? What is your preference?

Some of my family members ring the doorbell, especially BabyGirl.  She is extreme opposite.  We know when it is her at the door!  Her finger hits the doorbell and its like she has a nervous tic in that one finger.  DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! She continues until we answer. I am not kidding! 

I have scolded her numerous times. I ask her why she does it and I can't remember if she answered me. If she did it probably flew over my head because it was nonsense.

What are your thoughts of why people prefer to knock instead of using the doorbell?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some Things Cannot Be Fixed

The words spoke to me. It made me ponder. Maybe its God's message to me.

"Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something better." 

 I've been trying to fix something broken. I've even started over (at first by having no choice) and been trying to create something better.

However, when I feel I am at the point of moving forward and mending the break, even just a tad little, it cracks again. It becomes unglued no matter how hard I try press the broken pieces into the glue.

Maybe for me to start over and create something better I have to just walk away from the situation. I know what t I am doing is not working. I think I've invested enough time, patience, and frustration, all to just crash down on me again and again. I do have my boundaries.

So maybe I need to throw away thbroken pieces and find something brand new. Something that is whole and much better!

I don't know if this makes sense but after seeing it, I had a brainstorm, whether it makes sense or not at this point.

If you would like, you can give me your thoughts or if you like share your experiences.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Want a Sale? Listen!!!

Hubby and I are in process of ATTEMPTING to buy a home. I understand home buying is complicated and stressful. I know it will be a little more difficult  for us with our financial situation. However, there should be some give and take. They asked for bank statements, statements of assets, etc. We gave it to them. We asked questions regarding a modification of the home, what is the next step, etc. They respond they will get back to us or they will tell us. But the next time we talk with them, it is a different story.

When we first walked into the business just looking around, not intending to do anything but hope and see what was out there. As the salesman began interaction with us, he said, “We can get your a home.” We were frank with our financial history. “No problem” he and his boss said. So we started the grueling process with our hopes up high.

I admit, a sticky situation came up with our credit reports. We are rectifying it, or trying to anyway. They told us that would be no problem. They would work with us. They keep telling us the same thing.

We also told them Hubby works but his work hours can vary. We told them he would be out of town last week and it would be best to contact me. What do they do? They called him bright and early one morning waking him as he had been working graveyard shift.

My Hubby and I have been dealing with this salesperson for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday, I dropped off a document I had been waiting for that came in the weekend along with additional paperwork the lender asked for. So I asked what was the next step. Well, he looked at the documents and said it was not the right ones. He needed the statement, not an email. I informed him that Hubby went to the bank and that’s what they gave him. Salesperson also needed something from me that I had to contact someone. He also said in the meantime he needed Hubby to sign a document to get things rolling faster for us to get our new home.  For the 1000th time I told him Hubby’s job was unpredictable but the best bet would be maybe Thursday afternoon or Friday.

This afternoon I acquired what Salesperson needed and called him. I told him the information. Here’s how it went and tell me if I had a reason to bitch slap him. Excuse the profanity.

After I gave him the information by phone:

HE: So when can ya’ll come in to sign the document, today?
ME: I don’t know. As I said before, he is working around the area and we do not know when he will be finished.
HE: Well maybe tomorrow?
ME: I don’t know. We were thinking Thursday afternoon or Friday. (I thought LISTEN TO ME A$$Hole!)
HE: What about tomorrow, 4:30?
ME: I said, I don't know. Depends if Hubby gets off in time.
He: Cool. We’ll see you then.
ME: (Thinking WTF?)  But politely said, “We’ll see you when we get a chance.”  We exchanged good byes and hung up.

However, after the phone conversation was ended, as I was sitting frustrated,  BITCH SLAP was the first thought that came to mind that I could do to him next time I see him.  Second thought was to go and shake him with my hands around his neck with his head is flopping back and forth, side to side.demanding him to listen to me and read my lips if need be.

These kind of conversations tells us they are really NOT listening to us, it has made Hubby and I step back and think if we want to deal with them any more. They were the first ones that said they could work with us. We had talked to other salesmen at other locations who didn’t go as far as these. They brought our hopes up high. But as I think, what good will it do if they are not listening to us! 

Thankfully, we haven’t signed anything binding us to them. We will get our “good faith” deposit back if we decide to move on. And that will really suck for them because NO SALE. BOOYAH!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Potential Plans For Noisy Neighbors

Every day upstairs our neighbors are obnoxiously inconsiderate and noisy. Hubby went to talk to them once and the guy said "F--K you" and said to call the cops when Hubby threatened to do so. There was no reasoning with these imbeciles.

We have complained and written complaints as instructed to the owners. It appears they didn't do anything about it.

We called the cops once and they can't do anything since it is inside the apartment. Actually it was 4th of July after we returned from our date. They were hitting the wall and jumping making the apartment vibrate. I hit the wall and yelled to STOP! The Buffalo just continued even more. 

When they get louder, we yell, especially Hubby when he is home.  He has the louder voice. Lately, it seems when we yell or/and hit the wall asking them to stop, they do it even more.

As a matter of fact, before the cop returned to his car, the idiot stomped just to show how much he really cared or was concerned.

I am not talking about regular walking and noises you hear in an old cheaply built apartment building. We realize we will hear some every day noises.

I am talking about stomping like buffaloes, jumping so hard shaking lighting fixtures and the whole apartment complex, kids and adults running up and down or rolling stuff, it grates on our nerves and patience, when it is nearly every single day. 

When it was the one guy that originally moved in we had no complaints. Then a roommate moved in. We believe he is the one being obnoxious and started the stomping. Then the wobbly walking baby who is less than a year old and its mother moved in. I can't say for sure how many are on the lease but we see at least 2 couples and the baby regularly. They have people who come and go, overnights. It is like Grand Central Station.

My Hubby and I agree we shouldn't stoop to their level.  However, they've made our lives stressful. We dread certain times of the day knowing they will be home.

I've had many thoughts and fantasies of ways to make them stop. But some could get me in legal trouble as well as I wouldn't have the heart to go through with it anyways but those fantasies would be so much fun!

The past few days, we have been doing a few things to attempt to annoy them, especially when they are sleeping. One day the girl came home with the baby and he was sleeping. So once they entered the apartment, I started banging the wall where I thought the baby was and I woke it up. I heard it start crying. I know it can be a break for the mother when the baby naps. I happily ruined that mother's free time that day.

One night, we blasted the TV in the bedroom knowing their bedroom is right on top of ours. I have blasted the  stereo system only for a few minutes, just to wake them up.  We bang doors, and I have a bell I ring when it is all quiet.

But I don't think they are getting the message as clear as we want. So I am going to go to Wallyworld and buy a whistle and/or horn and a bouncy ball.   When they are sleeping, I will use these items. I am not going to sit there and bounce the ball or whistle continuously. It won't be that blatant. When I don't hear anything, which means they are sleeping or at least the baby is sleeping, I will bounce the ball or whistle] until I hear stirring upstairs then I will stop. Wait for a few minutes, until it is quiet; Then do it over and over until I am satisfied.

I want them to see how annoying little things can be. I want them sleep deprived. I am tired of their bullshit.

We are still trudging through obstacles to be able to move out of here. Of course, nothing goes smoothly for us..but we are determined to do whatever we have to do to get out of here. We will be in a home in the country on almost 3 acres as soon as we can.